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[Suggestion] Add Courier "In transit" messages to team chat when being used, and more

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  • [Suggestion] Add Courier "In transit" messages to team chat when being used, and more

    In many pub games, i've realized that people tend to forget about the courier or reroute it while it's being used. I've come up with a couple ideas to help people keep "track" of the courier.

    -When an action is given to the courier, it displays a message in team chat.
    -When it is "in transit" it has a "buff" that states it
    -When you select the courier, it displays a green/red line to whom it is either traveling to or where
    -When in transit, while holding the "alt" key (default for seeing hero icons on minimap) will display courier PATH in a thin line across your minimap

    I believe this will help remove the confusion factor to whom is using the courier on the team without having to state it in text or voice chat. It's a simple way to help communicate the usage.
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    Having the courier's pathing shown on the minimap seems like a brilliant idea.

    Automated chat messages seem entirely plausible as well, seeing as Valve has similar mechanics in the works for calling MIA's.


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            By the Tree of Life I think he's got it!



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              Having a soft, glowing trail on the minimap showing the courier's current destination would be great.


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                I think this is a great idea. Maybe also a "courier killed by" or "last moved by x" so we can know who is the bastard that kills the courier when you have your groundbreaking item on it and have to wait 5 mins.,...


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                    +culling damage

                    can we interrupt courier when it in transit?


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                      Something I do hope for. I was bottle crowing in mid just the other day only to have the courier not bring back my bottle for several minutes. It was more frustrating when the bottle got returned to my stash while I was waiting for it. As a carry in mid whose early farm goes straight towards an early bottle, it becomes an extremely useless item when people interrupt the courier to fly out a tango, or better yet, 1 iron branch and a magic wand recipe. FLY THAT STUFF OUT WHEN YOU HAVE MORE ITEMS PURCHASED THAN YOU HAVE INVENTORY SLOTS!!!! -_- /rant
                      This ain't ova.


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                        I agree, the courier system can be a pain without an organized (preferably voicechatting) team, and especially confusing to newer players who are either constantly stealing the courier off their allies or possibly just never getting their items at all.
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                          The paths it will take should only be shown when you have the courier selected, on the Minimap.

                          The path it takes should be tinted with the colour of the hero that issued the command.

                          Any commands given to the courier while it is performing a delivery should need a double click confirmation that you will interrupt another players command, for the rare instance when your order is URGENT. First click on deliver would give a yellow warning message, something like "The courier is currently being used by _playername_hero. This will interrupt their delivery."


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                            Originally posted by andreya View Post
                            +culling damage

                            can we interrupt courier when it in transit?
                            Yup, the controls will be as they are right now. But it will have the big debuff and maybe even an orange outline on the courier to show you that it's in transit.


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                              +1 Very Great idea could help people stop changing the order
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