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Graphical Summary of HUD/UI Requests

This is a sticky topic.
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  • this store is the best
    We need to 2 tables open at once fnmte8o0483y.jpg
    Last edited by Oleg123451; 12-22-2016, 02:46 PM.


    • return attributes to the panel so that it was clear the main items


      • I quite like the new query panel, but can we get some consistency with backpack ?

        Our backpack is now on the side of inventory, I guess this should be the same on query panel.

        Also, alt-clicking allies hp/mana bar on query panel display allies hp/mana as ours instead of allies.

        Last edited by Antithese; 12-29-2016, 03:47 PM.


        • January 20th, 2017 patch
          About backpack
          I prefer backpack placed on the right of items again to beneath of items
          because if backpack are beneath the items we will move camera unintentionally when using backpack


          • Dynamic Modifiers, Double Tap Groups, Individual Creep Hotkeys

            3 ideas I have I wanna pass on quick:

            Dynamic Modifiers -- Basically allow an option that anything in the dota 2 customisation interface can be set to be activated by clicking two buttons at once to vastly reduce the need for separate keys.

            Double Tap Groups -- Allow option that anything in the interface choices can be set to either a single click, double click or triple click. The biggest advantage of this is that I can control groups much easier, I can click
            move a group with button + a mouse click, or select move+not jump/select move+jump to the group by double/triple clicking that same button. Combined with my first idea you could easily control many groups by memory to move,
            select move/attack a target and/or also do so WITH SPELLS.

            Individual Creep Hotkeys -- We have individual hero hotkeys so why not the creeps? Add a creep menu just like the hero menu to hotkey each creep with the forementioned abilities and watch your chen game soar

            These suggestions should be compatible with double tap self cast abilities, as double tap as it is applies to item hotkeys only. Just add like a preset/blank keybind menu where you can select abilities, how many times you
            click that/those button(s) and then a list of all the dota controls ez game gg

            Thanks for your time!