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Random Draft hero selection

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  • Random Draft hero selection

    The contrast between available heroes and unavailable heroes needs to be more significant. In the current state it is difficult to quickly scan the available heroes - some of the darker portraits like Spectre are particularly problematic. It's not that they're very difficult to distinguish, but because the screen is so "busy" with hero portraits, it's difficult to quickly assess the whole group, especially for the first pick.

    It would be ideal to remove the unused heroes portraits entirely and arrange the pool of 22 in some standard way. The way this is done in WC3 DotA is a pretty good solution, because you can see all of the available heroes at once without the clutter of the heroes removed from the draft.

    As a temporary solution for the sake of getting the patch out tomorrow I would suggest that the unused heroes portraits be entirely blacked out and the available heroes be lit up slightly more than usual.

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    all available heroes stand in a circle


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      SD has this problem as well.

      Quite a few suggestions have already been made for both, but each should ultimately have a dedicated interface. This thread has some nice duscussion about SDs which is also at least somewhat relevant:

      Someone will mockup an RD one eventually I'm sure
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        While I agree that SD could use some work, I feel that this isn't as big of a problem in SD as it is in RD. With only three heroes to choose from, much longer to decide, and no chance of someone taking the hero you want before you get a chance. SD would benefit most significantly from the swap function being implemented.

        For RD, however, I really feel that the change is urgent for basic usability. 20 seconds to choose the best hero from a random pool of 22 is difficult enough for a newbie without interspersing them among an even larger pool of darkened hero portraits.


        • #5
          +1 here
          +1 for sd
          but i guess valve will change it, its just a cosmetic think, so it not prio i bet.


          • #6
            I think there should be more time given for selecting, and the ability to swap heroes would greatly improve RD.


            • #7
              So we already started complaining about rd I thin all future screens will be the same until time comes to change all of them, just a matter of priorities, have a bit of patience
              Work in progress, feedback appreciated


              • #8
                +1 should b like DotA's RD in a circle


                • #9
                  +1 for rd, I think sd is fine


                  • #10
                    +1, sd is fine imo


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                      This -rd without circle is pretty confusing. Especially when teammates mark heroes but its not their turn yet.

                      If we cannot get a circle at least announcer should say which player's turn is it to pick, or the one who is currently picking could be marked somehow... i hate it the way it is right now.


                      • #12
                        -sd if fine until you get spectre, shadow fiend etc. Not impossible to see, but definitely not good enough for an A-class game like DOTA 2.

                        Both needs fixing, but yep.. valve knows and it will happen when they get around to it.


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                            I agree. They need to basically remove the unavailable heroes from the screen. I made a thread about this. Didn't see this one.


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                              was just about to make a thread about this but i found this one

                              i want the circle back please i do not like the greyed out hero selection screen its not as cool.