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Make map and other interface viewable during HERO SELECTION

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  • Make map and other interface viewable during HERO SELECTION

    This is a repost from my other thread, since I noticed it doesn't get much attention coz its in the wrong section IMO.
    So I decided to put it here to gather more thoughts about this.

    I know the current hero selection screen is cool and all, but I wish there was a way to temporarily close it so that you'll be able to view the map and stuff.

    During Hero selection, we players have totally no power over the game unless we select a hero. We can't even change settings. Its like we're being forced to select a hero (a large slab of grey box covers the whole screen!). We could see a small portion of the map and game world in the edges but other than that, we can't see shit.

    What I suggest is that there will be a small minimize button at the top right corner, or somewhere fitting, so that we could temporarily close the hero selection screen and look at the map, access game settings and lobby, etc. then restore it again to select a hero.

    Coz sometimes, the map plays a crucial role and influences what hero you're going to play.
    i.e, during AP, while you're other allies already chose a hero, sometimes you base your hero depending on what lane you take or your allies take. In the current, there's no way to tell which heroes took top lane, who took mid lane or who jungled since you can't see what's going on out there..

    There are lots of times I saw my allies have like, 1 carry and 3 support, so I chose another melee carry. I thought the carry took mid while supports go at other lanes. Turns out no one took mid coz they thought I was going for mid, and I chose a melee carry. If I knew it beforehand, I could've picked a fitting hero. But thanks to the covered map, I was unable to tell that no one took the mid lane!

    Even during CM, even if the captain only gets to pick, sometimes it's crucial to point out strategies in the map depending on the heroes they pick and stuff, but this however is inaccessible since they can't even see the map!

    Also, there are times when you want to pick a hero depending on what enemy hero is laned with you. Its like you're blinded as you can't see what's happening in the game unless you start to choose the hero.

    In the old dota, people can freely look around the map and choose their hero any time they like! Please bring it to dota2 too. =(

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    You shouldn't have any reason to look around the map during hero selection, it's not that big of a deal. What they need to do is fix bots moving in hero selection.

    Anyways the settings thing, if you have a key bound to the main menu, all keys are used to type in communication, and all you really have to do during hero selection is click the menu button on the top left to access the main menu. To be honest there is no reason to not keep it up.


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      and since I just read through the thread fully, you have a minute to talk to your teammates before hero selection is finished on what lanes people are going. It's really annoying to have people wait until the last second to pick, and should be removed. I'm not saying the idea is bad, it's not needed with proper communication.