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End of game stats not thorough enough

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  • End of game stats not thorough enough

    I think the end of game stats should be WAY more in depth, with a post match lobby. There are loads of reason why this would be good - but to name a few

    - if you play as a support/heal char and get it from your teammates you can show them you actually did something.

    - it gives you a really good chance to analyse moments of the game through chat, rather than everyone bailing straight away.

    - I think it puts too much focus on K/D and takes away the subtlety of being, for example, a good tank.

    - it would help you get to know other characters more quickly - by viewing crit hits, magic vs real damage etc.

    What do you lot think?

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    I agree. It should also have Dota 1's column that shows how many times each hero killed each other.


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      Originally posted by SkittlesAreYum View Post
      I agree. It should also have Dota 1's column that shows how many times each hero killed each other.
      Yes! Agreed.

      Keep the scoreboard as it is, but add tabs on the top for EXTREMELY in-depth information. A few examples of some of my ideas and how they could be useful.

      - Timeline for everyone's skill level-ups (Teammates can see what skill build went right and what went wrong)
      - Timeline for everyone's item transactions (Same as above, but for items.)
      - A chart, using colors on the map to show where the most Team Vs. Team damage took place. (This could be used to discuss your team's positioning. Possibly something like, "Look guys, our team fights overextended near the other team's tower too much. We need to not team fight so much over here. It didn't do so well")
      --Map Chart: The most damage taken and where from opposing teams. Another tab to show how OFTEN damage was taken from opposing teams)
      - Hero Vs. Hero score (This could help players understand their good/bad match ups)
      - Amount of towers taken by whom/Amount of damage done to Towers (Such-and-such didn't get a great amount of kills, but he took 8 towers!)
      - A chart of how many times each skilled was used per hero ("Dude, Zeus, 55 minute game and you used your Ult only 4 times...")

      There are so many possibilities of interesting statistics that could be useful.


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        I would really like to see some Goldeneye-esque "awards" awarded at the end of a game as well such as:
        Lemming Award
        Where's The Ammo?
        Where's The Armor?
        AC -10 Award
        Marksmanship Award
        Most Professional
        Most Deadly
        Mostly Harmless
        Most Cowardly
        Most Frantic
        Most Honorable
        Most Dishonorable
        Shortest Innings
        Longest Innings
        Double Kill
        Triple Kill
        Quad Kill (Doh!)


        Some of these would have to be modified from their current FPS descriptions to match MOBA stats.

        This might need a new thread........


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          It's funny: as I was typing my response, I was thinking about Goldeneye's award systems too. That WOULD be really awesome <3. Limit it to 3 per person per game and it would likely keep things fresh and just for fun.


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            There are plenty of other threads about this. Search and you should find them.
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