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Movement speed and the new HUD

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  • Movement speed and the new HUD

    The addition of clearly showing the movement speed of a selected unit in the HUD is awesome, but there are some things about it that still bother me.

    All additive movement speed bonuses (from buffs, or items like boots) are displayed in green in addition to the base movement speed of the unit, or red in subtraction if a unit is slowed. While seeing a hero's base movement speed is sometimes valuable information, I think more often I would just want to see the current total movement speed. This seems to exist mostly to be visually consistent with the way armor and attack damage is displayed. This does make some sense with temporary slow effects or movement speed boosting effects like drums or phase boots, but it's still a bit awkward.

    Here is Tiny with a haste rune. His movement speed is displayed as 285 + 237, but wouldn't it be far more understandable if it simply said 522?

    Immobile units, such as wards and buildings, display their movement speed even though it is completely irrelevant information. Additionally, all "base" buildings (every tower, barracks, the ancient, and junk buildings) oddly display a +100 movement speed bonus at all times.

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    Wow the movementspeed on towers and wards is really amateur.
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      I'd like to add that instead of replacing the movement speed part to HUD with something else, just do away with it and centralise the HP and mana bars. At least the right-hand part of it will get more breathing space.


      • #4
        I kind of find it appealing the way they show the bonuses, because then you get a better idea of how much ms your gaining/lossing from a buff. It helps in the long run because then you can learn how much abilities will slow/speed you up so you can make more accurate judgement calls. I think this is purely opinion and i'm just saying I like this way better.


        • #5
          i think a better idea would be to have the total speed bonus on the hud, with a mouseover tooltip that tells the bonuses with +speed and -speed from the different buffs and debuffs


          • #6
            Originally posted by zeivnel View Post
            i think a better idea would be to have the total speed bonus on the hud, with a mouseover tooltip that tells the bonuses with +speed and -speed from the different buffs and debuffs
            When the patch first came off I thought of this, it's waaay better to know the total number with just a glimpse than having to do math in the middle of the fights haha

            Actually, I just registered in Dota 2 Dev to suggest this!


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              +100 YES. change it already, just make it simple not 300+123,45. hahaha.
              just make it SIMPLE.


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                plus level: over 9000

                dunno why you made it so complicated. if i look at the MS, i am not interested in my base MS nor bonus MS, but in my total MS. So only total MS should be displayed. For ppl that still want to know their base+bonus, make a mouseover-dialog-box


                • #9
                  Also suggested this. Didn't see your thread.