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New/Old HUD comparison

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  • New/Old HUD comparison

    Just what I think but generally it is better.

    Click to enlarge.

  • #2
    I just hate the new interface, the old one is better


    • #3
      Hate new interface, old one is better.
      Shop icon above items is much better and more intuitive.

      Old interface also looks brighter. I prefer the O to be inside the Level Up box too.

      The only thing that improved was the larger Fortification button, but that could have easily been fit into the left side of the item inventory empty spaces instead.
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      • #4
        My only issue is the off center HP bars, I feel like they could move the spells back and make the stats much smaller and put them to the right.


        • #5
          the main problem with the new one is that now the stats section is way too big. It used to be too small. Balance valve?


          • #6
            The old one was clean and simple. Actually, when I look at your picture, I fully agree. Especially the part that shows damage and armor (new interface) looks terrible imo. It is so big and the font/artystyle remind me of League of Legends.

            Please keep your own style, Dota2. This is a mix out of HoN and LoL interface/icons.


            • #7
              I love new HUD because easier than old HUD such as courier information...
              You should learn to adapt...

              Too stupid to someone claimed new HUD similarly like mix HoN and LoL....
              Great job valve..
              Its very idiot to quit play dota 2/TF2 if only problem with comestic items


              • #8
                I agree with OP.

                I also think that the manabar is too thin and therefore it is hard to read the numbers in-game.


                • #9
                  Basically I agree with OP too. The main problem with new HUD for me is, that hero model doesn't fit into the box and it looks very strange. I cannot enjoy the full face of my Invoker now ^^. The rest is just perfect and I really enjoy it.

                  So it would be good if the box for the hero portrait could be wider or the hero's face should get smaller to fit into current box. Otherwise I think this was the best patch since I am in the beta. For me personally this kind of patches are more important than adding a new hero, since the Dota 2 is getting more awesome, enjoyable and playable. I'd love to see more of these!
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                  • #10
                    I really like how they show movement speed clearly. The off center hp/mana bar kinda bothers me though


                    • #11
                      the hp/mana-bar in the new one is not centered and way too small, its totally irratating.


                      • #12
                        I like most of the new HUD and most of the new items, probably gonna come back and explain everything, being a hardcore old time DotA player still...Haven't really played lol or hon so I have no hate to any kind of similarity so i think my opinion will be unbiased


                        • #13
                          I like it for the most part appart for the health/manabar which is smaller then i was used to, i just couldn't quite get used to it after a few games. Maybe it'll take some getting used to but i do favor the bigger bars from the old ui.

                          Same for the statscreen, i believe the old version looked better previously.


                          • #14
                            Overall the new is better,xpt the mana/hp bar.So basically i think I agree with op ..


                            • #15
                              Imo this is better:

                              The rock on left side is shorter(not that important), and the hp/mana bar is bigger(please do it like this).