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New/Old HUD comparison

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  • #16
    I actually like this ui, its just a bigger health/manabar and with that, i actually like the new ui(from the above post).


    • #17
      Originally posted by Nemozini View Post
      Just what I think but generally it is better.

      Click to enlarge.
      - the limits of the minimap (should be smaller)
      - hero portrait size is to small
      - hero name size, visual, clarity is a little of I think (just doesn't look clean and nice, something is off)
      - the hero damage numbers are way to big and the sword graphic is also kinda to big to fit in there needs to be less pop out effect and better integrated
      - the movement speed value I have no need to tell me the base ms + what ever bots I got.. just tell me the overall MS and if I have my mouse there then split it up into more details.. what happens when u use phase boots ? u get 3 values there or I just need to do the math my self ?
      - the icons of armor and boots again a little to big and not fit in there.. looks like there crowded
      - the armor numbers I think it will look better side by side then one on top of each other like they display it now
      - the icons for STR / INT etc look to sloppy like just a simple human fist there.. when u are playing with 99% other 'creatures', doesn't look right or fitting of this game theme
      - the HP and mana bars seem to small and the size of the numbers is way to tiny (heck even the spell icons seem a little smaller ?)
      - icon slots/inventory is to small
      - the letter for SHOP to big and the gold same to big
      - the area of 'drag to buy' also seems way to large
      - the score ratio I don't like it down there I don't wanna stare @ it for 24/7 if your doing a bad game do you rly need to see the "score" every second on the second.. the old way was much better
      - I do like the adding of the curior and command but maybe a smaller donkey head that one is to big pooping out and making it look a little silly with your "donkey" head in your corner of the screen 24/7
      - the fortification button again to big for the overall package
      - last like others I'm not feeling the new 'rock' theme for the HUD
      *again I can't stress how much the stats/attack/shield icons look so bad compared to the old ones, stepping way from the Valve feel big time with it*

      The old HUD was a lot more clean and polished and esthetically pleasing than the new one.. yea it to did need some work from the damage area to the stats to the curior and glif add ones but was looking a lot better then the new one. (heck even the damage icon and shield had a 'VALVE theme' feel to the art of it that I got used to and loved it).
      Don't wanna put down the job that this guys are doing but the new changes look way off to me and others and we are just trying to make our opinion heard and try to give some insight on how things look with + and - from our / mine views.
      They for sure have a lot of work to do and this is work in progress that we are seeing now but I just felt that the direction there heading wasn't the right one.. at least for my eyes.
      Bottom line.. they need to be on top of this visuals things like the icons and HUD that we spent hours and hours of looking into each time we play the game.. and of course we are picky about it and hold them in higher standards combining visual aspect of it with practicality and the theme/feel of the game.


      • #18
        The stats window is a little big actually because, your additional units will be displayed there. No more jutting out of the screen (which is good)
        The overlarge sword, is just overlarge. And hp bar being slightly too ofsetted to the right is another issue. That being said, I have no idea how it would be better
        It seems like the courier area could have been extended downwards and moved the K/D/A thing back to the top right.
        Unless they have other ideas for the top right area of the screen...


        • #19
          I like the IStealSkills modification, a bigger mana/health bar is definitly better.

          I think that the new caracteristics panel is the thing that doesn't fit in the new HUD.
          Numbers are too big, the icons of STR/INT/AGI are definitly not that nice with a rounded shape, prefered before when they were rectangles. The size of this panel is definitly too important, as well as its content.


          • #20
            Hmm I support OP's thoughts and I was thinking, maybe they could show attack speed like movement speed as well? I know that might be not as useful as MS, but still wondering tho


            • #21
              I'm go at it

              Look @ it this way .. it would look better


              New HUD

              Boots suggestion


              • #22
                the new one looks much better.. the old one looks like minecraft.. just a few bricks with no shape put together..


                • #23
                  Please try to keep the sleek, minimalistic design that Dota2 had going for it in the past. The new HUD, while having some GREAT features (those must stay; they are too good to pass up) feels very cartoony and unprofessional compared to the old one.

                  The item icons and "stats" section especially, I really think that the old icons/style was MUCH better.


                  • #24
                    yea agree