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Yet another UI thread. The key is SYMMETRY

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  • Yet another UI thread. The key is SYMMETRY

    So clearly I don't have photoshop and I suck with paint but, I think to make the UI crisp, clean, and aesthetically pleasing, the key is symmetry.

    I basically just edited someone's previous edit (bQvleztar). The second picture shows the elements that should be the same size and position relative to a vertical centre line.

    - Both halves (left and right from a vertical centre line) of the UI take up the same amount of screen space.
    - Mana/HP and Skills all centred.
    - Mini map is the same size as the items/shop/courier/glyph/etc.
    - Removed unwanted space on the bottom and top.
    - Menu and K/D/A LH/D are the same size
    - Hero Portrait and stats are the same size.
    - The items/shop/courier/glyph/etc. takes up WAY less space than the new UI.
    - If they do put a UI scale bar in the options, symmetry makes the scaling easier.

    *****EDIT: Got photoshop. Re-did the UI.

    new: ui-mockup4.jpg



    I obviously didn't focus on the artwork. With some nice borders around the boxed elements I think that this would be a very good upgrade to what we have seen previously. On that note, if anyone could make a better version of this UI with photoshop or something please do.
    Last edited by dylanevans; 04-27-2012, 02:30 PM.

  • #2
    your photoshop skills are off the skill xD but youre right.. that would look much better.. although i like the new gold button better!


    • #3
      They would never design a HUD with empty spaces. Also, I don't get how people are ticked off by lack of symmetry.


      • #4
        Dang, probably the best looking HUD yet (even with your poor ms paint skills). I and every reasonable person on this planet for hundreds of years agrees that symmetry is pleasing to the eye. At the very least I hope to god the health and mana is centered. Although all the parts of your HUD are in the perfect place. I keep going back and forth between the current HUD and yours and I'm amazed they didn't do it your way. The health/mana + skills are centered with the portrait and stats equal and balanced on each side. The item and shop menu look much better too.


        While the empty space at the top is fine I think that there may be problems with the one at the bottom.
        I posted this in my own thread but I'll say it again here...

        "People complain about the little bits of HUD that have nothing on them in every post, but for me I would prefer the straight bars obscuring vision. Besides being more fair for people with tiny screens (they won't have any HUD to remove), there is another big reason. With parts of the HUD on the bottom uncovered you would have to maneuver your screen so that the open bits of HUD are in spots that the enemy are likely to appear from, adding quite a bit of unnecessary hassle to the game.

        I think they can eventually find information to put in these sections, much like the courier display that was recently added. This is just my two cents. "


        • #5
          Yea I get your point about the empty spaces. They could put some nice artwork there instead. I just cant do that =/


          • #6
            I like the way the new UI is going quite a bit, but I would like to see it look a little less... "toyish", is the best way I can put it. I liked the more sharpened edges of the previous UI, and I'm not a huge fan of the Attack and Shield icon.


            • #7
              those are some ugly as shit mockups. I really like the new one valve released.


              • #8
                Originally posted by dylanevans View Post
                Yea I get your point about the empty spaces. They could put some nice artwork there instead. I just cant do that =/
                maybe they are looking for something like that to do, maybe even some kind of noobfriendly ui thing to add in


                • #9
                  but then the 16:9 HUD will have advantage over the 4:3? Obviously u have more sighting when you remove the spaces in the bottom right?


                  • #10
                    Your 1337 Photoshop Skillz aside... this is EXACTLY how the UI should look like, imo. I like your suggestion a lot.
                    Imo, Dota 2 needs a slick UI that doesn't clutter up your screen while still offering all the information the player needs at one glance. Symmetry is good, i agree. I like the centered HP bar.
                    Last edited by gonret; 04-26-2012, 05:57 PM.


                    • #11
                      Aside from the empty space at the bottom, this looks a lot better than the current new HUD.


                      • #12
                        I like those empty spaces too, to be honest. The less cluttered up the UI is the better imo. People should be able to choose in the options menu whether they want empty spaces or some artwork inbetween.


                        • #13
                          i like the top part but i like the new bottom part a lot better than yours


                          • #14
                            Why do people want to reduce the portrait size so much -.-

                            also my only concern is that the health/mana bars arent centered.


                            • #15
                              you can't apply those 2 transparent parts if this is gonna be removed
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