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Yet another UI thread. The key is SYMMETRY

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  • #16
    I love this ui idea looks clean and not cluttered like the current one.


    • #17
      I didn't even think about the symmetry until you mentioned it. This is why I liked the orignal UI so much more, and it fit the aesthetic of Dota 2.


      • #18
        With regards to MDuh's reply: The multiple units show up in the stats box. So with my mock-up it would still work. With regards to everyone's posts about the transparent boxes: They can easily be filled with some artwork that could be removed for a 4:3 ratio.

        I prefer uncluttered, simplistic UIs. IMO the courier/glyph/shop part of the new UI is just taking up too much room than necessary.

        Again, excuse my lack of paint skills.
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        Last edited by dylanevans; 04-27-2012, 10:12 AM. Reason: Added another edit to the UI


        • #19
          ur sugg is ugly really. Valves current version is a lot better if we firget about the KDA thing which sucks
          sigpic <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
          Also: つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Soloqueue!
          Need some incentive to start a match of dota?

          Originally posted by DarkLite
          Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
          No statistics will be recorded.


          • #20
            Great. Much better.

            The current UI is a mess with too much information in weird places. So many community contributions that are so much better. Also, space for casters + streamers for webcam + sponsors.

            +1 for fucking symmetry and common sense.


            • #21
              IMO symmetry, besides just looking better, also makes it a lot easier to get to any part of the UI: grouping icons more evenly across the space, I think, makes for more accurate and efficient muscle memory recall. I for one would rather move my mouse pointer from the center of the screen to the add skill button, rather than move my left hand from WASD to O. The off-center thing is really annoying, esp. given how the space between the map and the portrait does absolutely nothing.


              • #22
                The idea is great, but i also think that it would be better (the new courier board in the left side of the inventory and the quick buy up), sadly i suck editing images on photoshop.
                Also the new icon for fortification is too big, i dont know where it would be.


                • #23
                  I got myself photoshop to improve on this UI. I made a new thread over here:

                  Here is the new image: ui-mockup4.jpg


                  • #24
                    dude this is amazing I WANT THIS HUD!!! I hope valve will see this, you sir did better job then they did DDDDD
                    ,,There is no need to have a patch-anticipation-thread one week early, filled with high expectations,,


                    • #25
                      Originally posted by dylanevans View Post
                      I got myself photoshop to improve on this UI. I made a new thread over here:

                      Here is the new image: [ATTACH]5416[/ATTACH]
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