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Yet Another Generic UI Feedback Thread: Distracting Contrasts

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  • Yet Another Generic UI Feedback Thread: Distracting Contrasts

    Hey everyone,

    Having spent some time observing the new UI in action and awaiting the chance to use it, I've come to the conclusion that it is, on its own, gorgeous. The high color contrast makes item icons bright and colorful despite their overall reduction in brightness, and the additional depth to the panels looks great; button and icon layout is definitely improved as well. However, all this beautiful detail does come with some concern, at least for me.

    With all that extra depth of shadow and contrast added to nearly every element of the UI, I'm beginning to feel a divide between the stylistic approaches for the UI and the world. The world seems to be the Source engine at its absolute best after its many years of upgrades: A world of pastels, with smooth shading and pleasant shadow depth that's easy on the eyes and makes the gorgeous hero abilities and effects stand out. I felt that, despite its flaws, the old interface serviced that world: It was flat and consisted of a light grey/brown shade that provided a pleasant backdrop to UI elements which altogether served to make that big screen region where all the explosions happen stand out. Now I feel that the new UI is attempting to compete with the world for my eye's attention; the sharpness and color contrast is like visual candy, drawing focus towards it. It's a bit uncomfortable for me personally. As much as I appreciate the work put into it, because I'm not an asshole, this UI seems to styled for a completely different game, one in which the colors and contrasts of the game world the engine is rendering serve as the greater draw of attention than the interface.

    I'm not saying I entirely want the old interface back. The new courier buttons are fantastic, the new stat block is well done, the top bar is still as slick as ever. I just feel that the old interface's flat and subtle nature better served gameplay in that pleasant, pastel world, while the new colors and depth are eye candy at best, distracting at worst. The assistance of any experts in art or UI design who can lend the right words to better elaborate my position would be appreciated.

    P.S. - Do something slick with the inventory block. I get the strong feeling that a black square is still placeholder, so I'm trusting you guys to make it perfect.
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    If you play a number of games with the new hud i am sure that you will have no problem with it.
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      like the guy above me said, it doesnt matter how good the ui looks im gonna grow less amazed at it the more i play the game. I haven't played with it tho but i cant wait .


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        I'm not specifically dazzled by its quality. I'm specifically dazzled by its overbearing busyness. There is a science to eyes being attracted to brighter, busier zones of color and detail. It's a core tenet of artistic design, something that sees a lot of use in games because the player needs to have their attention focused in certain places (or not, in cases where letting them freely absorb the bigger picture is more important, as with Dota 2).

        I'm just disclaiming my post with a statement that I do believe the artistry is relatively high-quality throughout.
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          Heh heh heh... Dazzled.. and your Member Portrait..


          I agree with you, all the way. The UI is great looking but demands a lot of attention. I feel that, with the recent changes, Valve is inching us towards an art direction that isn't fully realized yet. Perhaps instead of the smooth, slick, stone motif, they are trying to go towards a grittier Dota themed world. So long as Valve continues to chug away towards THEIR dream visual aesthetic for Dota, I'm sure we'll all soon see something magical.


          • #6
            as i wrote under another post with the same problem: you will soon ignore the new HUD. the brain chooses to ignore things after a while.. for example: you see your nose ALL THE TIME! but your brain chooses to ignore it..
            i dont have any problems of distraction while playing. but once im concentrated i dont see anything around the screen anymore.. i dont even notice when the music stops playing.. when i notice that the game is over the the tensed moment is gone.


            • #7
              I put forward similar views in another thread. I like most of the new UI but mainly would prefer it to be a little more subtle.

              I can force myself to ignore it sure, but that doesn't stop me from personally feeling it's too eye catching and a little at odds with the style of the game. Like how the game has flat pastel colours with solid white highlights, almost "pixar-ish" in nature, whilst the rock UI is so glossy and shiny.

              Perhaps the idea was to make the top bar seem like a "background" segment, the game the "mid" segment, and finally the bottom UI bar the "foreground" bit. I think that it does work that way a little.


              • #8
                I agree OP. The style of the UI is very much at odds with that of the game's world and heroes and is very distracting. Previously the items looked as though they would fit into the game world, whereas now they have a totally different graphic style with very vivid and high contrast colours which don't match the pastel colours of the heroes and terrain.

                I do disagree over the stat panel and courier icon, however. I think the courier icon is unnecessary and only adds clutter, and also that the stats panel is too big (especially the icons for armor and movespeed. The graphic style of the stats panel is also at odds with the style of the rest of the game.