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New UI "zooms in" for 1920x1080

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  • #16
    Yes native is 1600 x 900, its not the setting that is the issue, the new UI just scales like shit to that aspect ratio (16:9).


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      Originally posted by m72thelaw View Post
      Yes native is 1600 x 900, its not the setting that is the issue, the new UI just scales like shit to that aspect ratio (16:9).
      16:9 is the widest aspect, it should be the one scalling best. i play at 16:9 (2560x1440). for me the hud is still way to big! and the fact that they made is slightly "smaller" and make us think we get more space, but actually the cheated us, zooming the viewport, giving us the same vertical viewing-area, but cropping horizontal area... really hope this is a mistake! - Easiest way to learn, memorize and print it into your backbone!
      Now your able to remember and invoke extremely fast! Time to focus on your gameplay and execution!

      Scoreboards have been added to, so now your able to compare your performance with others!


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        I'll have to show you the UI i get on my res with my monitor when I can SS it after work.


        • #19
          Originally posted by findus View Post
          I'm constantly made to wonder if any of the devs at Valve other than Icefrog have any appreciation of how these kind of things impact the game. It's baffling the changes/fuck-ups that keep being made. Being in beta is no excuse.

          How many months was it between the Dire ranged creep bug being brought up and Valve actually bothering to fix it? I get the feeling that they dismissed it as a low priority bug due to not having a clue about Dota.
          Your wording is kind of unfortunate to say the least, but I agree with the content. Seemingly simple things such as the HUD impact the game in a huge way.


          • #20
            Originally posted by m72thelaw View Post
            Please stop asking them to reduce the hud size more, I run 1600 x 900 and this new UI is nearly unreadable for me when playing with that resolution.
            It's not so much the HUD size (although having options to make the HUD larger or smaller should be in the game) as it is the fact that we keep losing viewing space of the game field. It causes people to have to move the camera around way too much. There's a reason why we have Fog of War. We should be able to zoom out more, probably to 50% more at the most. As for your UI issues, this is why a "one size fits all" UI doesn't work well for games. This is why they need to allow people to scale the UI to their liking and add/remove elements they don't need. So the people can maximize the UI for their play style.

            In short, we need to be able to zoom out more.
            In short, user interfaces should augment the users skill, not inhibit them.
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            • #21
              Balance purposes i guess
              Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:


              • #22
                If the stats area and the HP bars were like on the previous HUD I'd be 100% fine with the new UI.
                Sadly, they aren't


                • #23
                  Originally posted by Inacio View Post
                  If the stats area and the HP bars were like on the previous HUD I'd be 100% fine with the new UI.
                  Sadly, they aren't
                  Please read what the original post is about.

                  This goes from now on. This thread is not specifically about the UI. It's about the gameplay viewing area being cropped. In other words, you can't see as much of the field as you could before the new UI was implemented.


                  • #24
                    Bumping, this needs fixed.