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[Feedback] UI and items' icons

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  • [Feedback] UI and items' icons

    Hi everyone, I'm actually new here but have played DotA 1 for nearly 4 years. Now, I'm playing DotA 2.
    First off, I love seeing that Devs really listen to us (players) about UI, heroes model, etc... Thank you for making such a great game (even it's still in beta phrase). I'm sorry if my English is not good. Here are my opinions:
    1. UI:
    The new UI is amazing. It does look good but the heroes' stats, damage and armor icons are not ok. The problem with stat icons is that it's round. It looks abit like HoN's icons. Also, it looks weak. I don't really like it. For damage and armor icons, I think you should make them more specific and detailed. I mean if it's hero, it should get a specific damage icon. It's like damage icon is based on the damage type. That would show more details about the damage. As well as the armor icon. It should be based on the armor type.

    Damage and armor icons should be based on damage type - image from

    The details about damage and armor type should be shown when we move the mouse over the icons too. Like Chaos damage type does less to Fortified armor type, or Hero armor type takes less damage from Normal, Pierce, Siege, Spells. I know it's the same as in DotA 1 but it could help newbie ^^. I'm sure if they love the game they will start reading everything to help them play better.

    Damage and armor types - image from

    I also want to say something about themes of UI. I don't know if DotA 2 will sell the themes. But please make at least 2 free themes for Radiant and Dire.
    For Radiant, I think more leafs and tree branches should make it look more beautiful as a good side. For Dire, a theme with larva or bones and rocks make it as a bad side ^^.

    2. Items' icons:
    Some new icons are really cool like Soul ring, Ring of Aquila, Pipe of Insight, Heart of Tarrasque ... I love Radian when it's flashing. But some aren't clear enough, kinda dark for us to see (with the black background) like Iron Branch, Quelling Blade. Some are too weird (they are not like theirs name imo) like Vladmir's Offering, Headdress, Sange and Yasha, Mjollnir, Satanic,... And some are over-animated like PowerTread, Energy Booster, Vitality Booster, Point Booster, Reaver, Scared Relic, Divine Rapier... The old items' icons are already good I think. And you should stick with them ^^.

    3. Learn tab:
    I hope you can add item list to this tab ^^. I think it holds the same purpose of the hero list.

    Thank you for reading my feedback. DotA 2 is already a great game and I hope it will be greater!
    P/s: For others, please post your feedback or comment if you think it'll improve the game. It's still in BETA phrase! If you flame or troll blah blah, you are not helping at all and no one will listen to you! Share your positive feedback and hope it'll become better