Summary of 3 points which are the most important to me


I m used to look at the top right corner to see my Lasthit and KDA. It was perfectly fine. Pls bring it back there. Add the assist message like it was in Dota1. This allows you to retrieve alot of information how your ally died when you didn't watch minimap and makes it easier to estimate the situation for your next decision. That text should be also a little bit bigger.

Tiny font boxes

One thing I still find annoying is the tiny font size of the level when you hover your mouse above a hero to see it. Espacially to estimate the power of a hero by seeing his level while chases or to check if doom will do bonus damage is necassary to immediatly recognize it. Is he already 6? At the moment it's like a pain in the ass. Plus people with a huge resolution are totally favored compared to 1024:768

Item Organisation
Psychologic researches about sets revealed the fact that the human eye perceives sets of 1-4 elements best. So why don't we make the items being in square. Try to point exactly at the 8th element of a row of 12 elements in a row below 1 second. You will fail. 3x4 or 4x3 is much better to see items immediatly.

If desired upgrades can be hidden by pressing the upgrades button for more vision while shopping.

4x3 has all items represented. So you dont need to switch between upgrades, basics and reclick for secret and side shops.
You find your desired items alot faster than you would in a row.

3x4 shop with hotkeys might work like this:

Scoreboard: Alt-^
Shop: ^
Basics + Secret shop: 1, Upgrades: 2, Side Shop: 3
Change Column: Tab ( from left to right)

First Row: CapsLock
SecondRow: Shift
ThirdRow: Crtl

The Chosen 3x4 Rectangle:

Rest of the new HUD is perfectly fine. Espacially the courier comfort, glyph and movespeed display. I love it.
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