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Make Mana Bar Font Size in HUD bigger!

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  • Make Mana Bar Font Size in HUD bigger!

    HP and Mana are the most important aspects you need to see ASAP! Stats and Attack Damage are much less important on a quick glance.
    Why would you then have such a TINY Size for Mana in the Manabar? It's much much smaller than for example for Agility, an attribute you don't need to see at a glance in a fight.
    Why you made HP and Mana Bars in the HUD smaller and shift it away from a center position to make room for lower priority stats is beyond me, but if there is a specific reason at least increase Mana Bar's size a bit so that it's actually readable? My native resolution 1440x900 makes it appear extraordinarily small.
    In the OLD hud the Mana had appropriate size, but now that HP and Mana Bars have been reduced in the HUD, Mana is annoyingly tiny. Considering I have good eyesight and can read tiniest stuff I still don't want the game to force me to decipher a small number.

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    If you compare these two pictures you'll see that the HP Font Size was retained from the Old HUD, but the Mana Font Size has gone down several sizes!


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      Originally posted by Morvan View Post
      If you compare these two pictures you'll see that the HP Font Size was retained from the Old HUD, but the Mana Font Size has gone down several sizes!
      May that as it be. It's still not centralized which is one of the effect that makes it smaller. Plus I think it's because they've made everything else larger that also gives the impression of it being smaller. Although they have made the regeneration numbers smaller. So I think they should tone the rest down and centralize the HP and MP bar and therefor restore it to how it should be. According to me.


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        Agreed. It's a central aspect and needs to be in the center as it's the most important thing to see aside from Ability Cooldowns.


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          The small size of the bars and the massive stats are so annoying. I would like to meet whoever came up with that idea.


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              +1, the numbers strain my eyes