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[Suggestion] Streamlining the Move Speed Display

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  • [Suggestion] Streamlining the Move Speed Display

    How Move Speed Should Be Displayed and Move Speed Should Be Added To Stats Tooltip

    Due to the generally positive response to this post I made in a different thread, I figured I could make a separate thread so people could see my suggestion and discuss it.

    In addition to the below suggestion, I think that one of two things should also be implemented. Either add a more detailed movespeed expression to the mouse-over tooltip, or separate the mouse-over tooltips into Attack, Defense, and Move Speed, each detailing specific information for that category. When I say "detailed movespeed expression", I mean an expression in which each term would represent one separate modifier. (If you didn't completely understand that sentence, basically I mean it would look like this: 295 + 60 + 10 + 25 + 27 - 25, where each number is only one item or aura and the first number is your base movespeed)

    Simply put, the main move speed number should always be the speed at which you're currently moving, colored based on the absence presence of a slow.
    Here was the original post:

    Originally posted by Dethrin View Post
    One of the problems with displaying movespeed is handling all the necessary information in a detailed yet aesthetically simple manner. Your hero's base movespeed, static and percentage based item bonuses, static and percentage based buffs/debuffs, and the total movespeed with all of these applied are all important things to be known at certain times. And I think the best way to display it all would be in a style similar to one I saw while browsing the "Suggestion Summary" sticky thread.

    I'll use Razor for this example.
    While not affected by a movement speed debuff (like Frost Arrows or Gush), it would look like this:

    ...assuming level 4 Unstable Current, Power Treads, and a Sange and Yasha (24% increase on a 355 constant movespeed)

    Now if you were slowed by Gush (40%), it would now look like this:

    I believe this provides enough information available at a glance in each case, considering that, in a less stressful situation, you could simply mouse-over any buffs, debuffs, and items to determine exactly how much each is affecting you. Example 1 provides your net movespeed, showing below it your base speed added to all benefits from items, abilities, and auras. This is what would show when you are moving at your maximum current movespeed (i.e. there is nothing currently hindering you). Example 2 provides (again) your net movespeed, showing below it your maximum movespeed subtracted by the sum of all hindrances currently affecting you. This is what would show when you are being slowed by something, and how much of your maximum possible movespeed you are losing. In both cases, the main number shows your current speed. The only problem with this would be "what shows when you're trapped by something like Entangle?" Well since when you are standing still by choice the first example would obviously show, and since seeing a big fat zero over "440-440" is simply redundant, the first example should probably be the one to show unless you are also being affected by debuffs like Gush, in which case the second example should show. Now, the main number shows the speed at which you'll move as soon as the root is complete. Complicated, yes, but I think it would be effective for those quick at-a-glance calculations.

    And though this is probably a separate suggestion, they could probably split the mouse-over text into three sections (Attack, Armor, Movement) and add an expanded expression complete with the proper colors. (or I suppose they could simply add a complete movement speed expression to the current tooltip, with each term responsible for a constant benefit/hindrance, and possibly a multiplicative list of the current applied percentage modifiers in addition.


    tl;dr - See those two big colored numbers above? That's what it should look like. Only show the red one when slowed. If rooted, show the first one unless also affected by a slow.
    Last edited by Dethrin; 05-07-2012, 07:34 PM. Reason: Added some summary stuff
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    No thoughts?
    “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”
    ― Carl Jung


    • #3
      I agree with your suggestion, but I would like an option to hide the calculation by default, showing it only while hovering the mouse over the move speed.


      • #4
        This is pretty much brilliant. Changes like these allow players to get a better sense, numerically, to what slows do to movespeed and the power of underused items like drums.

        Big +1.


        • #5
          its a good suggestion but very very very minor.


          • #6
            Minor suggestion but I still think this would be a nice addition. I for one don't have the exact knowledge about the effect of spells on my speed and this would help me with it.


            • #7
              +1, it's better than doing sums all the game
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                Dont be lazy, people. Do the math.
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                  I don't get it, why don't we just have 1 number that states your movespeed? It's not like it matters whether there is a display saying how much is being reduced. Either way you have been slowed by X amount.
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                      I would prefer to see compound speed and the difference between it and base ms. In other words, assuming A + B = C as formula for speed, instead of A and B, I'd rather game showed B and C. There is no need to display base ms when two other numbers are more important and just as sufficient.

                      In your example it would become




                      Modifier above the result to avoid confusion.