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[SUGGESTION] A HUD option that is really a HUD

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  • #31
    yeah its pretty much the same as iceHUD from WoW.
    anyways, not a bad idea, but should work as if you dont have your hero selected you shouldnt see it, as you dont see your own health bar if you select someone else, or creep or tower or whatever. (and ofc it MUSTNT show enemy's / target's stats)
    if you know what I mean
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    • #32
      ye and adjust opacity depending on current hp, if hp is low opacity comes to smth like 40% and bar becomes red (hp only, ofc)


      • #33
        Edited sample in post 24 and linked this to Customizable hud in Graphical Summary of HUD/UI Requests
        Work in progress, feedback appreciated


        • #34
          Originally posted by Panter_d17 View Post
          Edited sample in post 24 and linked this to Customizable hud in Graphical Summary of HUD/UI Requests
          Thanks. I prefer it without the health dividers though. The key is to make it so you only notice it when you are trying to notice it.
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          • #35
            Work in progress, feedback appreciated


            • #36
              I'd agree if it was optional.


              • #37


                • #38
                  its more likely for hell to freeze in next 5 minutes than for valve to implement this

                  far too effective hud design for ppl who got used to dinosaur interface solutions of dota 1.
                  imho designers have to (unfortunately) think about pleasing them, rather than improving space usage and putting stuff in player's eye focus zone

                  anyway, still +1

                  not op at all...


                  • #39
                    I hated this types of hud in WoW and I hate it here. I don't want any shit in the middle of the screen

                    In big fights it would be very confusing. Also, design wise it messes up the whole UI.


                    • #40
                      dont think it deserves developers' hours, there are better things that deserve attention.. besides if you find it hard to quickly glance down to check your stats I wonder how do you manage to keep your map awareness up. in any case every not challenged person would quickly work out a habit of checking map, keeping track of own stats and whats not

                      +1 for much much later into the game development stages


                      • #41
                        I like the general idea and I think it looks fantastic but even with increased opacity it might still be distracting,especially with lots of other creep and hero health bars.That being said because it is concentric to the Hero and depending on the opacity it might be easier to spot your own bar to that of everyone else (the horizontal HP bars).It needs to be tested.
                        As an option a have no problem,I don`t struggle looking at the current bar but I as I said it does look interesting.

                        May I suggest should it be frowned upon even as an option,this circular HP/MANA bar effect to occur when ever your Hero`s health and/or Mana drops below 50% increases visibility from opacity and whenever hovering with the mouse over Tango , Clarity potion,Healing salve or any health and mana reg /steal hero ability or item.
                        And when shortcut-key selecting said abilities or items ?