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[Suggestion] 10 UI Changes. Stats and Dmg/Armor/MS Icons, Creating space.

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  • [Suggestion] 10 UI Changes. Stats and Dmg/Armor/MS Icons, Creating space.

    So i got 10 changes I want to make here and they are put in #numbers so you can relate to a specific thing more easily.
    Adding more stuff here is possible if you guys have a great idea.

    [NOT ADDED]: not displayed on the picture and left to discus.

    This is a screenshot before the makeover:

    Here is the original size of the screenshot: Unchanged.jpg

    And this is a screenshot AFTER the makeover:

    Here is the original size of the Picture: Remake.jpg
    Note: Numbers are edited therefore don't apply to the played game.

    Now open this 3rd picture, so you can track the changes more easily as you read:
    Picture with marked Areas and #

    #1 Stats Icons

    #1.1 Background changed to dark grey.
    #1.2.1 Gold Edge for main Attribute
    #1.2.2 [NOT ADDED IN THE PICTURE]: Discus. Alternative could be something like this:

    My greatest concern about the new ones is that they are put in circles. It doesn't fit into the UI. Everything is in squares and that makes it great all together.
    Then, if we forget they're in circles, It's still a design that doesn't fit the UI. They are far away from the design that fits this UI.
    The old icons are terrible quality but that can be easily reworked. I did my best to improve them as much as I could.
    Now I'm not saying they should be exactly like that, but they could be similar.

    #2 Stats Dots Added
    #2.1 Shrunk a bit.
    Been suggested, just added it.

    #3 Moved the K/D/A and LH/D "up there"
    #3.1 Renamed LH/D to CS
    #3.2 Added a gold number which could be used to show:
    #3.2.1 Reliable Gold vs. #3.2.2 Total gold earned
    Vote which one would you like more.

    4# Dmg/Armor/Ms Icons
    #4.1Dmg Icon faded
    It could go up to +xxxx therefore it needs more space.

    #4.1.1 [NOT ADDED] Fade all icons slightly.
    #4.2 Edited the Armor Icon
    #4.3 Created a Ms Icon from the existing one.

    It should be changed it doesn't fit the lineup, i had to use something.

    #4.4 Background changed to dark grey.
    #4.5 Orange Area: We got some free space left, post suggestions.

    #5 Removed the Rock on the left. Marked with Purple Area.
    Not appropriate there.

    #6 Wall edge moved to the right. Marked with Red Area.
    Just a bit to create some space.


    People who stream need some space to put their tags and the new UI took them some away.
    Now this could be important in the future since a lot of tournaments are coming.
    We could push it to the right a bit and maybe somehow set it up so we can make more space there.

    The current space is represented by Green Area
    Goal space is represented by Pink Area

    Now, I found a better solution for this problem. Proceed to #8

    #8 Move the items/Quick Buy

    How often do you use the Quick Buy? It seems like It's not often used. We could move the items there.

    #8.1 Moved the items on the right (It's logical they are closer to the shop and gold.)
    #8.2 Items and Courier bar size stay the same
    #8.3 Fortification Button put in a square and re-sized a bit.
    #8.4 Moved the Quick Buy to the left and put it in a column. Re-sized a little bit (few bars gone down there)
    #8.5 Rock above Quick Buy lifted up a bit.
    #8.6 [NOT ADDED IN THE PICTURE] Remove the Quick Buy option form the game / Make it On/Off in the settings.

    9# Blue Area
    Now I guess more people are gonna like this way more than Pink Area solution. Now we got some space there for ads/tags/webcams. I think It's really going to be important in the future.

    #10 Local Time added.
    #10.1 It could work without the "Local Time", [NOT ADDED] only numbers will work too.
    #10.2 On/Off option in the settings.

    You might not want to [alt] + [tab] a lot because it's causing some problems with the game e.g. chat not working.

    TL;DR: Check out the #1, #4 and #8
    Making the game simpler is not our goal, making the design look simple is a whole new story. Simple look for a complex game.

  • #2
    #1: No opinion on this. I prefer the new icons, but the old rectangular shapes. T-Null.

    #2: Definite T-Up here. This is something it would be great to see.

    #3: T-Up on stats in the top corner.
    #3.1: T-Null on generic "CS". Doesn't change anything for me.
    #3.2:T-Down on gold number: I don't think it contributes much, and it's confusing to have different parts of your gold score in two completely different locations. Reliable gold is already shown by a mouseover on the Shop key, and I'm not convinced it's important enough to justify a UI element (especially one in another corner of the screen).

    #4.1: I like the idea, but the fade-out doesn't really fit with the rest of the UI icons. T-Null since I'm not sure how this could be fixed.
    #4.2, #4.3: T-Up if we get some slightly prettier icons for this

    #5: T-Up, that rock gets in the way of armor bonuses.

    #6: Could be problematic with Invoker if there's less space? If it works for Invoker, T-Up.

    #7: Ignoring this since you've said to move to #8.

    #8.1: T-Null.
    #8.2: T-Up, shouldn't be resized.
    #8.3: T-Up, more consistent with the rest of the UI.
    #8.4: T-Null.
    #8.5: T-Null. Ideally the UI should cover as little of the screen as possible, but I can't see a way around this with your other changes.
    #8.6: T-Down.

    #9: T-Down. Large amount of wasted space that won't be used in the vast majority of cases.

    #10: T-Down. Doesn't really contribute anything to the game that I can see.

    Here is a screenshot of how the current UI works on lower resolutions (1280x1024 in this case), and it to me it appears that #6, #8 and #9 wouldn't work.

    In a nutshell, thumbs up on #2, #3, #5 and #6 (if it can be made to work with Invoker), no opinion on things that I don't feel are obviously better or worse, and I disagree with the rest. My problem with a lot of your suggestions is that many of them revolve around opening up space for adverts for commentators / streamers. It's great for them, but for everyone else it doesn't help at all. For the majority of players, reshuffling the items like you've suggested just opens up a big area of wasted UI while covering slightly more of the screen.
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    • #3
      lol i use quickbuy in all games. the location is lame


      • #4
        if alt tab make chat issues
        we have shift+tab shift+tab have local time too

        or just too lazy too shift tab

        total earned gold can make someone confuse better we leave it

        and the rest is god T-up


        • #5
          They made many great changes for the better and you want to change it back?
          Here's my dotabuff profile in case anyone's interested:


          • #6
            I love this trying to fiqure a better space for the quick buy bar tho :S


            • #7
              this hud is more superior

              ,,There is no need to have a patch-anticipation-thread one week early, filled with high expectations,,