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[Suggestion] Color-Blind Mode

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  • [Suggestion] Color-Blind Mode


    I found an old thread about this, but did not wish to necro it. And sorry if I'm missing any norms, here, as it's my first post. Please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. :x

    Way back when, Dota2 had a "color-blind mode" which, to the best of my knowledge, didn't do anything. Well, I'm not certain how difficult it would be to implement a method of making an option for, say, all of the green bars to turn blue, given that red-green color-blindness is one of the most common forms, but given that players can already change the map colors of units at will with the console, it can't be entirely too difficult to accomplish this, right?

    And I will admit, while I am not color-blind, I have a bit of a selfish stake in this, as my best friend is red-green colorblind and I can't share this game with him, as he can't tell friend from foe at a glance.

    Also, according to the all powerful Wikipedia, 8% of males (key audience) are in some way red-green deficient.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    A member of the community has made a colorblind mod and asked me to share it. Look here:
    Originally posted by JayneHJKL
    Hey I replied to your post about colorblind mode for dota 2. It has a pretty high hit on google so I'm trying to spread my new colorblind mod to as many people as I can.
    Could you modify your first post and add these links, so people searching for the dota 2 colorblind mod can find them?
    You can credit my name or not, but please do add these links to the post! Thank you.


    Extract this zip: Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta
    Thank me, and spread the word.


    Simulated colorblind comparison
    Everyone thank him in the most grotesque ways you can imagine.
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    Yes we need this. My friend can't plau


    • #3
      +1! Also have a friend who is colour blind like this


      • #4
        +1 Green and red blindness is a bummer.


        • #5
          +1 Because it shouldn't be hard to implement yet it would benefit a lot of people.


          • #6
            I agree this makes sense, but I don't think this alone should prevent anyone from playing. There are other ways to adjust your colors, like through your video card settings (for some cards anyway). Maybe they can do this until a color blind is implemented, assuming it is (I do remember it showing in the old settings UI).
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              dota_friendly_color_x [rgb value, range clamped from 0-1]
              dota_enemy_color_x [rgb value, range clamped from 0-1]

              That should help a bit.


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                Any way to change the health bars color, it would be perfect for me if allies health bars be light blue and the enemy's something like orange, it would help a looot.

                Those are also the same colors used in one of the call of duty┬┤s colorblind mode, it was great.


                • #9
                  i agree i am color blind also and during team fights it can get really confusing on who to target. It's a serious disadvantage. Blue for friendly and orange for enemy is how MW3 has it and it works great. Please implement this ASAP.


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                    Originally posted by xGIHavoc View Post
                    dota_friendly_color_x [rgb value, range clamped from 0-1]
                    dota_enemy_color_x [rgb value, range clamped from 0-1]

                    That should help a bit.
                    ^This as a qick fix.

                    +1 to idea. Or even better add an nice option to change colors from the menu so people can access it with ease.


                    • #11
                      +1 because I am red-green color deficient. There is only one thing League of Legends beats Dota 2 in, and that is that it has a colorblind mode accessible from the video settings (from what I hear). If Dota 2 has this as well, then me and (quite possibly) thousands of others who will play Dota 2 can actually enjoy not confusing creeps (and sometimes even) other heroes.


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                            I'm just going to bump this, because it doesn't seem like too difficult a fix to help so numerous an audience.


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