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[Suggestion] Team wide notification "under attack"

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  • [Suggestion] Team wide notification "under attack"

    Now that devs recently added the rune text display on ping, it came to me another use the ping command could be given to promote teamplay in pub games. Simply put, if you ping yourself, your hero will play his "under attack" line to his team. This should, in theory, improve the number of times supports succesfully counter-gank for their carries.

    As for the potential abuse, I honestly don't believe it'll be an issue since team-wide voice lines are already implemented (in the form of /thanks, /laugh) and I personally have not noticed any abuse of this whatsoever. But, in the case devs want to prevent abuse nonetheless, the line could maybe have some conditions to be played team-wide. Possibly something to do with damage taken recently or number of enemy heroes present around you.

    Also, I understand this is already doable by voice-chat, but what I suggest is an improvement for pub games in which mic usage for team communication is significantly lesser than, say, with an established team.

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    I don't think this has any use at all. Imagine you're getting ganked, you ping yourself but your team can't do shit because they're in the other side of the map, they won't get there in time.
    I think the normal ping is enough because whenever you ping your teammates usually see what's happening in the ping area (at least I do).


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      The whole idea is to encourage TP counterganks and meanwhile you already do it out of experience, newbies don't and often are not teached to TP countergank when playing supports. Getting an extra notification that an ally is under attack should be enough to encourage them to do so.


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        I agree with the concept, but maybe just a special icon instead of a voice line. Instead of under attack, I'd just make it a help me icon.
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          Originally posted by slowreflex View Post
          I agree with the concept, but maybe just a special icon instead of a voice line. Instead of under attack, I'd just make it a help me icon.
          I believe the game needs to be crafty in using all of its tools (both visual and auditory) to properly convey as much vital information to the player without cluttering either channel of communication. Most of the information is already conveyed visually (HUD, text chat, chat notifications, etc.) while there's little information being conveyed auditorily (building notifications, roshan has died, who picked aegis) all of which don't really play that often anyways, besides maybe the buildings under attack notifications. So I thought it would be good for the game to give some more attention to auditory notifications.

          Besides, it adds a bit more stress and hopefully leads to more snap reactions from support players to hear an allied hero cry out he's under attack; given how most "under attack" sound files have this desperate feel to it. I can tell you from first hand experience that the "missing top/mid/bot" sound notifications already make me snap my attention to the minimap to quickly figure out who's missing, so I believe sound notifications for allies under attack should have the same attention-grabbing effect that new supports need to be able to learn to countergank.