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[Suggestion] About the "Gold Earned Graph"

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  • [Suggestion] About the "Gold Earned Graph"

    I always found it counter intuitive how The Radiant are on top in that graph and The Dire are on the bottom when it's the exact opposite on the (mini) map.
    Is anyone with me on this?
    Shouldn't it be swapped around?

    Edit: Especially with Radiant and Dire being swapped around in captain's mode to match their positions on the map I find the gold and xp graphs to be really inconsistent with the rest of the game.
    Last edited by Druid; 12-07-2012, 10:36 PM.

  • #2
    Mhhhh... I never thought about that but you're right...

    It would be more intuitive, why not!


    • #3
      I have to disagree here. The Radiant are Team 1, so they sort of belong on the top side. I dunno, that's really what makes sense to me :X


      • #4
        meh, can go both ways as op said. not a big deal ^^


        • #5
          Meh, I got used to the way it is....but I know what you mean. Maybe a Switch-sides-button for those who want it the other way around? Shouldn't be too difficult to implement :P


          • #6
            It's good as it is.

            Also, what does this have to do in the Watch Tab Subforum? >_>


            • #7
              It's ok for me! Moved to Hero HUD.


              • #8
                I kinda like this idea, but I could see it both ways. Maybe have an option to invert it?


                • #9
                  During the International I always looked as if upper side was the Dire and lower side the Radiant. Now I've gotten used to it. But maybe switch-sides, as Cymen suggested, could fix it for some who are confused.


                  • #10
                    What about if it was the team you were playing on to be on top?


                    • #11
                      Epic unburial bump because of the change in captain's mode moving the dire to the top and the radiant to the bottom. (I know that happend a while ago...)