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  • UI suggestions

    Hey there, sorry for making a new thread about this, but I kind of wanted all the feedback to be in a new thread so I can keep up with all the updates regarding my own suggestions.

    So here's a screenshot of the full HUD:
    UI overview.jpg

    As you can see, I cleared some of the material on the top bar that I find to be useless, and just feel it looks better this way.
    Relocated the K/D/A and creep stats back to the top-right corner.
    The map box and items/glyph/courier box are exactly the same size, this makes it easier to swap between them (for those who want the minimap to be on the right side of the screen).
    Spells, HP and Mana bars located in the middle of the screen.
    The hero portrait and stats are exactly the same width - this creates a symetric UI that is just easy on the eyes.
    The stats box conveys an idea rather than looking pretty - I don't want to calculate how much MS I have (try calculating 285+95 MS while trying to run away from someone or in the middle of a fight), I just want to have a quick look and know exactly what my MS is. Additional info can be included in the ( ) such as base movement speed and in green additional movement speed I get from items and whatnot - same goes for other stats obviously.
    The right and left rock graphics are excatly the same size sa well - I brushed off the rock textures because I personally find then unappealing and would just rather something simpler and closer to what we had before the UI update.

    And that pretty much covers it up. Please, do share your thoughts.
    Thank you for your time,

  • #2
    I do NOT like it because:
    - the important numbers aer even tinier
    - I'm used to have it left-hand side
    -without the top bar it looks like something is missing!
    - ( ) numbers are useless. Might showup if you hover over it.
    -Someone else had a better suggestion
    sigpic <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
    Also: つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Soloqueue!
    Need some incentive to start a match of dota?
    Originally posted by DarkLite
    Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
    No statistics will be recorded.


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      Well about the numbers, I assume you're talking about the stats, and like I said, these convey the idea more than just looking good (or being readible - for that matter), what I tried to show here is that the stats should be shown based on how much of a stat you have in total - then in more details inside the ( ) - It seems to be an idea widely accepted around the internet so I just decided to include it in - AGAIN, Valve will definitely be able to figure out how to manage that space so that the numbers are clearer.

      Also, about the minimap, I'm also used to it being on the left side, but some people might be used to it being on the right side, what I did here was optimize space usage and rendered both right and left boxes exactly the same size so that swaping between them would be much easier.

      About the top bar, I just realized that having it cut off like that might create some resolution issues with the UI, so I guess leaving it the way it was before is fine.
      I still stick to having the K/D/A and creep stats on the top right corner though.

      And I don't see how you find the ( ) to be useless, they're already implemented in-game, I just want to be able to see exactly how much I have of a certain stat without having to hover over or doing any calculations.