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Hero Portrait

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  • Hero Portrait

    As of the patch may 23, many of the new portraits are very unappealing. my biggest problem is that all the heroes portraits zoom are inconsistent. pucks portrait is extremely zoomed onto its face while mirana's zoomed to a point you can see the upper torso area.

    another problem i have is the angles of some of the portraits. some of the camera angles are too much above or too much below a hero's face. makes heroes like CM/Lina look weird

  • #2
    Almost all of the "new" portraits are horrid. Idk if they changed the lighting effects or what but everyone looks wimpy and made of clay. The old large ones were 10x better.


    • #3
      Some of the new portraits look terrible.

      It's really embarrassing and distasteful to see how great zoomed-in portraits like Windrunner's have been zoomed out just so they can get her breasts into the shot. The backgrounds also don't look as good.

      Please change it back, Valve. It just looks awkward this way, and at least in WR's case, the old portrait was much, much better.

      For an example:

      In the new portrait, two visually appealing parts of the old one, the green scarf and the forest-ish background, have been diminished in favor of getting her boobs in the shot and a flatter, less colorful background.

      It just doesn't look as good, and the insistence on cramming every female hero's massive cleavage into their hero portrait is plain awkward. That's fine for some heroes that it makes sense for, like QoP and Lina, but it shouldn't be the case for everyone.
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      • #4
        yeah, windrunners boobs were thoroughly oiled


        • #5
          The new female pics are a bad joke. Dota 2 should not be LoL (all big boobs chars).


          • #6
            I really dont get all the issues people are heaving with the female heroes now.

            The old portrets were square, the new ones are longer, the with remained the same so your bound to get more room above and below.

            From an art students perspective i find all this spam about the breasts being visible to be completely nonsense.
            I see breasts 3x a week for several hours a piece during live model drawing so for me breasts arent more special then the curve of the muscles in your legs.

            The way people are acting now, to me, feels like people who cant look past a females breasts.
            Also, if anything valve should be ashamed of how the breasts currently are.
            For the most part the female heroes have a fairly flat torso and the breasts are only painted on, which looks horrible except from certain angles.

            But my point is, if anyone is having so many issues with the FEMALE heroes having breasts, which is as natural as it can get for a FEMALE, they you are probably the more immature one here.
            Especially because the breasts have always been there in the first place, its not that they suddenly that they got added after the portret format changed, please, grow up people.

            Some of the portrets could use a makeover though, maybe even some more highpoly models wouldnt be bad.
            I think starcraft 2 did i pretty good job at that imo, the portret models are a hell a lot higher detailed then the ingame ones.


            • #7
              Sorry but having 7 female heroes (closest to looking human) out of which 6 are given the look-at-dem-boobs treatment is just pathetic.

              (Referring to cm,lina,vs,qop,mira,drow,windrunner.)
              Lina & qop I consider could be ok with this, since it's kinda in their theme.
              Winrunner, cm and vs should have nothing to do with this type of stuff. (cm ? really ? & you seriously over did it with windrunner)
              Drow being the only one of them that remains decent... for now.
              Can't really decide for mirana, some of her lines do send her that way & she's not that exaggerated


              • #8
                I agree with the boob overkill, too much boob = less theme. LoL suffers this problem of oversexualization of female, while sexy is not the main themes of those characters, such as Sona. DOTA should not be the same.