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Auto miss lane ... yey or ney?

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  • Auto miss lane ... yey or ney?

    I just went into dota2 test to see Ogre Magi and I noticed that my hero says missing -insert lane- without me typing it. Now .. I understand the logic behind this and I believe that this will in fact help the low level players realize when someone is missing without them putting any effort in it ... and that's kinda the problem. If the auto miss is always on ... then there is no point in typing miss for the new players ... and that kills the habit of tying miss.

    I love the fact that it will eliminate OMFG WHY NO MISS F*CKING NOOB MID but ... will it hurt in the long run? Will it hurt the map awareness OR will it in fact increase it?

    Communities thoughts on this?

  • #2
    the only problem is that the heroes call for miss automatically, sometimes when you just not have vision of the enemy heroes because they retreated, went on a higher place (when you go to the river in mid lane) or went to their tower, its a bit spammy right now, but a specific button to say "missing" would be great in my opinion.
    sorry for my bad english


    • #3
      The best thing to do would be to implement the new lol mechanic. Now when you type "lol" and anything else in the same chat message everyone on your team can hear the sound of your hero laughing. Now it would be really nice if they implemented that with typing in "mia", "miss" or "ss", to name a few, that the hero you are playing says a dialogue line.

      This way it does not do it for you automatically, and for those who are not paying attention to chat they will still be able to hear the call, assuming they are listening to the game volume.

      I know I have died a few times because I did not pay proper attention to the mia call made, because I was so focused on last hitting :P, but I always have my game volume on so if I had heard my teammates hero talk out loud I would have been better prepared.


      • #4
        ^ yeah and I would expand that with if you are in bot lane and type miss your hero would say miss bot. OR as gatitus said a button.


        • #5
          Unless this just changed, it only happens in Co-Op games. I assume that's what you were in?
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            Originally posted by slowreflex View Post
            Unless this just changed, it only happens in Co-Op games. I assume that's what you were in?
            I just played a game with bots to check out Ogre


            • #7
              So many people derpin'. It only happens in bot games, and is in place so that bots call missing for you. Valve will eventually make it work like /thanks and /laugh most likely
              Dota community in a nutshell :


              • #8
                Would prefer it they make a hotkeys for it