I really appreciate looking at all the detail on the avatar's, making them smaller (noticed they were stretched vertically a bit) would really hurt the detail worked on them. I'm not too happy with some of the angles as well, like Ursa just looks wrong,Lina is too much focused on her boobs) and Dazzle isn't in-your-face-enough. Some of em are fantastic, like Pugna, made him look like a C.E.O, and faceless void looks sick too.

Maybe if you can...maybe if you can let us pick the angles for ourselves....? Like a um....''store item'' that we can purchase, different angles to buy. I'd buy that.

just checked the ingame faces, they're still different from the hero selection picture, in that case you may ignore this thread, but hey, choice is always good, if you can let us pick the angles/scale for it, that'll be perfect