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Multilanguage communication problem

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  • Multilanguage communication problem

    Hi all. I'm DotA 1 translation leader.

    IDK how it was made with other languages but in ru-translations there was no translations of proper names.
    Now in DotA 2 we've got to do the qualitative full translation. This means that we should translate proper names too.

    So there's too many apprehensions about misunderstandings of different proper names in different languages.
    In the first place it means heroes, skills & items.

    I puzzled over this problem and I think that there's simple salvation of this problem.
    There's should be ingame chat linking system like in many MMORPGs with shift-clicking on hero or item.
    So one player linking stuff in chat with shift-click and there shows up highlited link in the chat so any other player can click on it and see icon or even get directly to the linked item in the shop.

    Sorry for tangled exposure of idea but it was hot and I found it necessary to do it fast.

    P.S. IDK how to link other hero's skill but mb there could be done pulldown under hero's icon in the upper panel.
    Thx for attention.

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    Im agree.
    Sure it`ll make game easier and some things faster.
    Last edited by knoxville; 10-17-2011, 12:50 PM.


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      Im agree. Great idea!


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          two tea for this bitard


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            Is there a point to translating skills, items and hero names? Won't doing so just make even the most basic communication incredibly harder?


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              The problem is deeper, than it seems, because translation of skills will make any teamplay impossible, due to any difference in names of skills or items will cause misunderstanding beetween players. As an aftermath, we will have playing only stacks of same language-speaking players, and lowskill mixes of people who don't really care about games.


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                I use spanish version of DotA 2, and I can assure you translating Items/Skill names is a bad idea. It confuses more than it helps.

                Besides, translated item/skill names just sound so lame.. nobody likes it, why doing it?
                Sorry for my english.