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[Suggestions] Enhancing HUD

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  • [Suggestions] Enhancing HUD

    Dear Mods & Fellows

    First of all I would like to appreciate your work regarding hero HUD. Its beautiful & quite sleek.

    I would like to suggest the addition of some addition to it. I know its a hard work to keep HUD clean and concise, but addition of these suggestion might be pleasing to eyes & provide quite needy requirements throughout the game. Please keep in mind that I would love to see dota2 a noob friendly game and suggest these points keeping in mind newbies alongwith existing dota pros

    Have a look at this & read explainations: 2012-05-29_00008-Edited-in-MSPaint.jpg

    1. Tips About Hero:

    The tips of hero shown in kill cam & hero selection screen are very valuable to players. Unfortunately they cant see their own hero & allied hero tips in game. They can currently see this tips of enemy heroes who kill them or they got to remember selection screen tips, which a newbie cant easily remember. So adding tips alongwith the side of the hero portrait of own hero/allied hero/enemy hero/roshan will be very useful.

    2. Tips About Primary Attribute:

    It is the most valueable information about the hero chosen by players. It is essential for new players to keep reminding themselves that their hero is Strength/Intelligence/Agility. A tip icon over the hero portrait of Own Hero/Allied Hero/Enemy Hero will be great.

    3. Allied Hero Level Indicator:

    It will be good for a newbie hero and the pros of dota to quickly know about the hero levels of allied heroes. Pro dota players have habit of click hero and determining hero levels of the selected hero. However a newbie will be please to know it by just glancing at the hero icons placed on top of the screen. It will help understanding the game and keep them updated about their progression in game, whether they are par-level or under the average levels of the allied mates.

    4 (a). Allied Hero Ultimate Cool Down Indicator:

    Good players keep calculating the game, percentages of crtical strike, armor's damage blocking, click allied hero see cool down of ultimate looks at clock of game and predict the map time when his mate got ultimate ready. On the other hand a newbie just jumps into the battle assuming that their allied mate has got ultimate cool downed but unfortunately not So a decent ultimate cool down indicator will help players to precisely perform in battles & go into battles with trump card of allied mate's ultimate.

    4 (b). Allied Hero Ultimate Ready Indicator:

    Any good icon would be sufficient to establish understanding of ultimate of allied mate is ready So popping a sound with a tiny flash of Allied Hero Ultimate Ready Icon will be very helpful for players.

    5: Number of Spectators:

    Its not very demanding but high level players (not me) will be please to know that their game is being spectated, a number will be fine enough to describe number of spectators of the game. A mouseover this number showing list of names will be a very handful tool to know if any buddy is watching their game

    Please find attachment,


    Please bear my noobish work at MS Paint. I hope it would clearly illustrate the additions to be brought. It is just for illustration

    Thank you for reading this with patience

    I will be very happy to have feedback, whether it is positive or negative.

    Happy Developing to Mods & Happy playing to Fellows of dota 2


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    CPU: Inter(R) Core i5 - 2450M - 2.50 GHZ x 2
    GPU: Nvidia GeForece 525 M - 1 GB - 128 bit
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  • #2
    The hero tips about his role are not needed after you already picked him, it's not something you need throughout the game. However the number of spectators and the CD remaining for ulti are a nice touch. There already is an indicator when the ult is ready, it's green.


    • #3
      well the purpose of these hero role & primary attribute tip is for newbies as its not easy to remember all the possible roles of a hero while playing a hero. They might need a check list for them, so that at any time in the game they can look at it and remind themselves about the hero's possible roles.
      Laptop: Dell Inspiron - n5110 15R
      CPU: Inter(R) Core i5 - 2450M - 2.50 GHZ x 2
      GPU: Nvidia GeForece 525 M - 1 GB - 128 bit
      RAM: 4GB
      OS: Windows 7 64bit
      Connection: PTCL ADSL 4Mbit/0.5Mbit


      • #4
        just agree with number of spectators. +1