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Skill icons that could use a change:

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  • Skill icons that could use a change:

    Rating system (coming soon to all icons, atm just to the new ones)
    1. The ability to show and depict the spell. (Max 1 point)
    2. The background, it's fitting to the icon itself. (Max 2 points)
    3. The icon's complexity and realism. (Max 2 points)
    4. The icon's beauty, esthetics, detail. (Max 5 points)
    Note: If the icon fails to depict it's spell, then it needs to be changed overall else it will never reach perfection.

    Ranking system.
    0-2 points - Must be changed as soon as possible.
    3-5 points - Poor, but liveable with.
    6-9 points - Quite good, but could be better.
    10 points - Fully finished, perfect.

    P.S. By realism, I mean the realism of DotA 2. I am not trying to compare the realism of icons with our world.

    Beastmaster's Wild Axes and Primal Roar

    Wild Axes:
    1. Shows us the axes flying. 1 point.
    2. The background is too plain, but it fits. 1 point.
    3. The icon is simple, but real. 1 point.
    4. Looks absolutely awful. The axes are practicly without detail and the air waves which interpret them flying look terrible. No points.

    Primal Roar:
    1. Does not show us the roar, it rather shows an open mouth. No points.
    2. There is no background, however if we count the face as the background, then it's disgusting and terrible. No points.
    3. Very simple, showing us a plain face and nothing more. Due to it's lack of detail, it lacks reality. The face looks like it's made of gum. No points.
    4. Looks absolutely gross and awful.

    Tiny's Toss

    1. Instead of showing us people tossed, it shows us boulders. Does not interpret the skill and is actually misleading. No points.
    2. The background is fitting, but it stands out way too much. 1 point.
    3. Above simple and it is looking like a real boulder toss. 2 points.
    4. Could be drawn better, the small boulder fragments look rushed and undetailed, while the ground looks simple and unnatural. 3 points.

    Drow Ranger's Trueshot Aura

    1. The depiction is really hard to tell as it's an aura. Showing a bow is OK enough I guess. 1 point.
    2. The background is good and well fitting. 2 points.
    3. Way too simple, but yet it looks real. 1 point.
    4. Misleading, showing the top of the bow is a mistake. Furthermore the bow's light is a bit exaggerated. Well drawn though. 3 points.

    Morphling's Adapative Strike

    1. Does not depict the actual strike, as the strike is an uprising stream of water, and this is well, a blob with waves around it. No points.
    2. The background is absolutely horrible! It does not fit with the water. Nor does it fit in with other of Morphling's icon backgrounds. No points.
    3. Primitive and definitely not real. No points.
    4. Drawn horribly, the middle looks like it's done with Paint, the light inside is a bit eye-hurting and overall looks very unnatural and badly interpreted all around. No points.

    Morphling's Icons have been changed.

    Phantom Lancer's Spirit Lance and Doppelwalk

    Spirit Lance:
    1. Depicts a lance. 1 point.
    2. The background is good, but it stands out too much. 1 point.
    3. Complex and looks real. 2 points.
    4. Would be perfect if the illusions weren't as edgy and sharp. Now they look very unnatural especially when compared to Juxtapose icon. 4 points.

    1. Interprets the skill perfectly.
    2. The background is needed to stand out, so it's justified, and also it fits in great. 2 points.
    3. Quite complex and real. 2 points.
    4. Drawn perfectly, except for the illusion. This illusion looks so sharp and edgy that it's unnatural. 4 points.

    Riki's Blink Strike

    Blink Strike:
    1. Depicts what it has to. 1 point.
    2. The background is fitting and doesn't stand out (due to the depiction of the blinking). 2 points.
    3. Simple. but thats enough to make the icon good, but not real (tails do not stand up like sticks). 1 point.
    4. Could be drawn better, lacks detail and the air waves could use an enhancement. 3 points.

    Sniper's Icons. All of them.

    1. Depicts what it has to. 1 point.
    2. The background is simply awful and it doesn't fit at all. No points.
    3. Way too primitive and does not look real (bullet which leave flaming clown-stripes where they fly? uh uh, not buying it). No points.
    4. Drawn terribly. The lack of detail and different colors make this icon especially horrible.

    1. Interpretation is correct, but needs to be interpreted differently, since a suicidal sniper looks really terrifying. No points.
    2. The terrible background is eye-hurting. Makes me even sad. And nor does the background fit. No points.
    3. Well I guess it's complex enough, and Sniper is depicted as he is in game. 2 points.
    4. Drawn moderately, and could have been done much better. Lacks so much detail, color. Furthermore the pink arrow glow is unnecessary. 2 points.

    Take Aim:
    1. Well, does not depict extending range. No points.
    2. The background is absolutely awful, but it fits in with this specific icon (oh my gawd!). 1 point.
    3. Primitive and no touch with reality. What ever it's trying to depict, it's not making it real enough. No points.
    4. Looks like it was rushed and done in max 10 seconds. Really awful. No points.

    1. Wrong interpretation. This icon looks more like Take Aim than Assassinate. No points.
    2. Bad background and bad fitting in. No points.
    3. Complex enough and shows Sniper as he is in game. 2 points.
    4. Drawn quite good, but lacks a bit detail and the white lines need to be reshaped or redrawn, since they look bad. 3 points.

    Tinker's March of the Machines

    March of the Machines:
    1. Depicts what it has to. 1 point.
    2. Background is well done and fits to the icon. 2 points.
    3. Above simple depiction and looks real enough. 2 points.
    4. Needs a lot (I mean a lot!) of detail. But overall, done good. 3 points.

    Spirit Breaker's Nether Strike

    Nether Strike:
    1. Does not depict the strike. No points.
    2. Fitting background and a good one too. 2 points.
    3. Complex enough and depicts Barathrum perfectly. 2 points.
    4. It's drawn in... perfection. 5 points.

    Lycanthrope's Shapeshift

    1. Depicts what it has to. 1 point.
    2. The background is not needed, the icon is done greatly without it. 2 points.
    3. Above simple, but the left side of the icon lacks realism (looks like a fiend of some sort, not a wolf). 1 point.
    4. Drawn great, could use a bit more detail and the left side cries for changing it to a more wolf-like form. 3 points.

    Spectre's Spectral Dagger

    Spectral Dagger:
    1. Interpretation: ???. No points.
    2. Background is too blurry to even be seen, and it's hard to tell where the background is at all. No points.
    3. A blurry black line in the middle of purple-white something, right. And whatever it's trying to depict does not look real at all. No points.
    4. Detail? No. Blurryness? Yes. This icon is tragic. No points.

    Dazzle's Shallow Grave and Shadow Wave

    Shallow Grave:
    1. Really hard to tell whether it depicts what it has to. Well I guess it does, sorta. 1 point.
    2. The background is good, but it stands out more than the actual depiction. 1 point.
    3. A simple 2D object. Simple and not real. No points.
    4. I can admire the symmetry, but the lack of detail disguised by the grave being darker is bad. 1 point.

    Shadow Wave:
    1. Interprets what it has to. 1 point.
    2. The background is good, but really stands out. 1 point.
    3. Complex enough, but the wave is not real (compared to the one in game). 1 point.
    4. Dazzle is quite detailed, but the wave is not. Furthermore the X and + objects flying with the wave are really odd and unnecessary. 3 points.

    Pudge's Meat Hook and Dismember
    Requested by D2P.Nexus

    Meat Hook looks absolutely awful. It's rating would be:
    1. It depicts what it has to, so that's a 1 point.
    2. The background suits the icon, but it stands out too much and is too plain to even begin with, so that's a 1 point.
    3. The icon is too simplistical, not even real (the hook's chain is missing if you look closely), so that's no points.
    4. The icon looks dreadfully bad, so that's no points.
    2/10 points.

    Dismember is even worse. It's rating:
    1. A blob of blood does not interpret a dismemberment. No points.
    2. The background suits the icon, and doesn't stand out too much. 2 points.
    3. The icon is very primitive and rushed. It also does not look real, as dismemberment causes much... bigger wounds than blobs of blood. No points.
    4. The icon looks incredible bad. No points.
    2/10 points.

    Lich's Ice Armor and Chain Frost
    Requested by Luffydude

    Ice Armor:
    1. Depicts what it has to. 1 point.
    2. The background is very briefly seen, fits with the icon. 2 points.
    3. Very simplistical, yet real. 1 point.
    4. The icon looks poor, the frost on the armor can be barely seen, the armor itself looks undetailed. 1 point.
    5/10 points.

    Chain Frost:
    1. It depicts a ball, but it does not interpret it's chaining. No points.
    2. The background is barely seen, though it fits perfectly. 2 points.
    3. It is quite complex, but it isn't very real. It looks like a ball but doesn't really depict it. 1 point.
    4. The ball is drawn moderately, could be much better. The blackness inside the ball hurts the eyes of the one looking at it a bit. 3 points.
    6/10 points.

    Pugna's Nether Blast
    Requested by Luffydude

    Nether Blast:
    1. It interprets an explosion. 1 point.
    2. The background choice is absolutely terrible. It does not fit the icon at all, and the background itself looks awful and too simplistic. No points.
    3. Too simple, and DEFINITELY not real. The explosion does not look like the one in game. No points.
    4. Very poorly drawn, the fire inside the explosion is eye-hurting. It looks like a green blob with an eye-hurting center. No points.
    1/10 points.

    Anti-Mage's Blink and Mana Void
    Requested by Luffydude

    1. Does not show the actual skill. No points.
    2. The background itself looks good, and it fits the icon. 2 points.
    3. Not even simple, it's simply primitive, and whatever it's trying to depict does not look real. No points.
    4. It's drawn moderately, the outsides are in bad detail, and the insides could be drawn much better, yet it is stylish. 2 points.

    Mana Void:
    1. Interprets a void, but does not interpret the explosion caused by it. No points.
    2. The background is stylish and fits the icon very well. 2 points.
    3. Above simple, yet it looks very unrealistic. 1 point.
    4. The void itself is too big, it's drawn quite moderately, but lacks a lot of detail and could be much much better. Also, the outside "comets" or sparks are way too blurry. 2 points.

    More ratings incoming later.
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    Brainwashing people is fun.

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    Dazzle is my most played, and his icons are my most hated.


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        Originally posted by max1c View Post
        If you say something please argument it, or don't say it all. Since simply saying "no" means nothing.
        Brainwashing people is fun.


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            i agree with most, but riki is fine in my opinion


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              Agree with all except Lycan and PL.
              [Suggestion] Hide creeps and neutrals health bars when they're full (screenshots included)


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                Totally agree, espeacially about the beastmaster icons. They are very simplistic and the ultimate icon is the cherry on the top, its absolutely awful.


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                  I think (or atleast i hope) that Valve is going to rework most (if not all) ability icons in a further update.
                  A lot of icons (best example: Sniper) look pretty ugly and i think that they are just some kind of placeholder and get changed soon.

                  I can't image, that they wont change the icons....


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                    Agree on most of these, especially sniper. I do believe though that they will be replaced like the item icons were.


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                      Reading my mind with the Sniper. Also, you should definitely add Pudges icons as well:

                      Pudge's Hook looks pretty lame and you get a feeling that it's used to catch 1 kg fishes. This hook looks like it would probably break once you grab big ass Heroes like Tiny.

                      DFQ with that ult? Pudge's Fresh Meat is one of the most recognizable ulties in the game, and we got a simple blood stain? It's like somebody tossed a tomato from the 4th floor. Where is the might in the icon?

                      Icons for Rot and Flesh Heap got 2/5 from me, while Hook and Dismember > 0/5


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                        I have to agree with most of your suggestions if you focus on the design/esthetics of the icon, but we need to consider the following: icons are here as a 'reminder' of the spell. When I started DotA (the first), I was mainly focused on the description of the spell, and not really on the icons themselves. And to be honest, this might the core use of the icons.

                        What I suggest is:
                        - first, improve the link between what the icon and the spell definition/purpose. You took the icon of Lycans ulti as an exemple, it perfectly fits with the definition adn the purpose of the spell, as the hero switches from one form to another, but the first half of the icon is actually not really representing a wolf, I agree totally.
                        - second, improve the definition of the spell and make it clear and short. If I have the opportunity to change all these definitions I would grab it. A beginner doesn't have time to read 3 or 4 times a single spell to even understand it for the half.
                        - third, improve the real esthetic part of the icons. And here comes your exemple with the ultimate icon of Lycanwhich is not really representing a wolf.

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                          I agree with all of those except the Lycan, I think it's a cool icon. Anyways please add the following to your list

                          Lich's icons most notably Frost armor (simple as hell) and Chain Frost (it's just a beach ball... wtf) and

                          Pugna's Blast

                          AM's Blink and ulti and

                          Can't think of more at the moment
                          Last edited by Luffydude; 05-30-2012, 01:32 PM.

                          Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed


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                            Support all of them, especially Sniper


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                              Primal roar and snipers skills are my #1 concern.

                              I like shallow grave, though. It may not be too detailed, but it fits into the style of the other icons and the gravestone is pretty fitting.