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Skill icons that could use a change:

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  • #16
    lol how can you rate the meat hook a 2 but say that lich's beachball is moderatly well designed ?

    It's not even supposed to be a beachball! The chain Frost is all white and it has the form of a water drop

    Simple and obvious things that should get fixed/added asap: SCOREBOARD, Ingame friend list, Different Ping for Roshan, Add Notes to Players, Accept Button while tabbed


    • #17
      Well it had much more effort put in it. The hook is in such poor quality, that it looks like it's been made in like 10 seconds and furthermore it doesn't even look like a real hook (because the chain is missing). And yeah about chain frost is quite bad, but the thing is, the actual thing flying with the wave of ice is that ball. best seen in here
      Brainwashing people is fun.


      • #18
        Omg why did u create a new topic about this? U think that Valve's developers are stupid or what. Everybody with brain must known that most spell icons are concepts or unfinished quick sketches from first beta stage. Trust me u don't need to remind them, I'm pretty sure that they have something like "To do Wall" and there will be ticket probably with "Phase 2: New icons of spells" and I think that this come very soon cuz now they must make more important things u know man.


        • #19
          I dont really think that icons will be more complex and detailed. Its not the main thing that concerns players, since you dont really pay attention all the time to them.
          And they are smaller smaller ingame, you dont need to paste them somewhere in higher resolution and review in details.


          • #20
            I never said they were stupid, in fact, I know that they are smart, and that's why they take a look at our opinions. Not all *unfinished* beta icons are bad, but there are even some new which need a little work on. I know they will get to that in the mean time, but I think it's much better if they know exactly which icons are the worst.

            I didn't know how to resize, sorry, but if I had known I would have :P. And icons are a big part of the game, I don't think you would like it as much if skills were written in plain words. It's all about eyecandy. Icons serve as a showcase of a skill, while also serving as an attraction to the hero. Do not doubt their power.
            Brainwashing people is fun.


            • #21
              viper could use icon changes


              • #22
                ????????? I totaly disagree OP


                • #23
                  Originally posted by Eccho View Post
                  improve the link between the icon and the spell definition/purpose. You took the icon of Lycans ulti as an exemple, it perfectly fits with the definition adn the purpose of the spell, as the hero switches from one form to another, but the first half of the icon is actually not really representing a wolf, I agree totally.
                  This is a pretty good point, beside the crap artworks the main post pointed.


                  • #24
                    May I dig out this thread since the newest hero releases? Think everyone will know this is coming:

                    Mortreds skill icons, especially the dagger one (blur has a small corner, too), still contain the red from her old teal/red/tron-theme. Teal/Dark/Green would be better matching as background color. The red at the coup de grace icon might still fit (since its a bloody skill after all), but should be toned down a bit so it doesnt look that purple and distracting. Feel free to contribute.


                    • #25
                      NO I LOVE ALL!