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Follow hero camera not practical in any situation the way it's currently implemented.

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  • Follow hero camera not practical in any situation the way it's currently implemented.

    Basically, the follow hero camera (when you double tap and hold select hero, which in itself is poor design as there should be an option not to have to double tap but to have mapped to a separate button like in other MOBAs) is very much unusable the way it's currently implemented.

    There are generally two main reasons why people use the follow hero camera in other MOBAs, which are to a) keep the hero dead center so you never lose track of him, and b) to not have to manually pan the camera around when you want to take a specific path from point a to point b (IE: Juking).

    However, this is how the follow hero camera acts in Dota2

    Look where Windrunner is. I am holding the center camera on hero key. That is not centered.

    The camera achieves neither of these goals. It follows behind the hero so far, that not only are they nowhere near the center of the camera, making it easy to lose track of their position in a large teamfight, but Windrunner is bordering up with the edge of the screen, meaning there is very little room to see where I'm going and click there accordingly. You can see me trying to click south of her, but basically having to click the edge of the screen to get her to not stutterstep. In that first picture, I literally have no place to click south of her.

    You shouldn't have to fight the camera, and there is no real benefit to the way the follow hero camera is implemented currently. All I ask is that it stay centered on the hero, or at least have the distance it allows the hero to move away from the center greatly reduced so that I can see where I'm going when I center the camera, not just where I've been.
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    The camera 'lock' is very useful even in its current state. Your issues with the hero not being centered aren't incredibly common, and the position of the camera even while holding down the key can be manipulated by moving your mouse around the screen. It works very well for me, and I wouldn't have it any other way than the one in which it is currently implemented.

    The only issue I ever have with it is using it while ulting around the map as Storm Spirit, during which the camera lags a considerable amount behind the hero. This has been fixed, though.

    You may want to check out the test client, camera behavior has been updated to remove the issue you're complaining about in the screenshots.
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      I'll check that out.

      Edit: oh MAN that is so much better.

      I still wish they'd make it exactly like HoN and LoL, but I am very fine with how it is.

      Now if only there was a way to map it to a button instead of a double tap
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        I support this suggestion, it would be fantastic to have the option of mapping a hotkey to center-camera-on-hero.
        I personally feel sort of handicapped without it, to be honest.


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          I've posted this everywhere I'm surprised no ones found it yet.
          THE FIX to make ur camera exactly like HoN or LoL is to type the command dota_camera_lock_view_helper 0 also you might need an autoexec on startup if you don't wanna type the command every time you start up the game, see my other post for saving game settings also if you guys don't like pressing the center hero button twice and only want to keystroke once to center on hero use command dota_camera_follow_doublepress_time 3600 Basically here is the logic, (dota_camera_follow_doublepress_time 0.5 is default) meaning the game resets the first keystroke after .5 seconds and will fail to center hero if you press the key again after 0.5 seconds, if you change the value to 60 that is one minute, and after the first keystroke you have 1 full minute to press your center hero key again only once to center on your hero, after a minute you'll have to press "C" twice, therefore change it to 3600 and makes the reset 1 hour effectively turning your center hero key into a one keystroke and not a double keystroke!
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            Agreed just make it snap on the hero in the middle of the screen. Can help out in team fights.


            • #7
              I would LOVE to see the ability to map this to a different key binding. If people are happy double clicking hero button then they can leave it. However I hate double clicking. I want to map this to another key binding that suits my play style.