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In game guides needed for players

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  • In game guides needed for players

    The biggest discrepancy in player skill between HoN and DOTA 2 is that players in DOTA 2 seem to forget that when they pick a hero, they are filling a role. I have seen too many players opt to buy an armor ring on Windrunner when it is not needed. 75% of the Windrunner players in this game always buy that ring. Its USELESS. You have a spell called Windrun which is 100% evasion. They also buy 2 mantles of intelligence, and then they realise that mantles can only be turned into Dagons. When I'm middle, and you buy mantles and your armor ring and you run to the suicide lane, and you opt to not buy any wards, you have essentially lost mid for me. You will then complain that mid ISN'T ganking either. As a suicide laner you can afford to sacrifice starting gold, since you will be outlevelling their carry lane by hint: blocking the enemy pull, and getting solo xp. You don't even need to last hit properly! You can just walk around for a few minutes and outlevel everyone.

    In HoN, there is a player guide for Glacius (Crystal Maiden Equivalent). The guide literally says: you are the wardbitch, while showing wards as the starting items, laning items, core items and luxury items. People know this, and realise that the role is what makes the hero valuable to the team. In DOTA 2, people will keep on getting mantles on INT supports, and will keep on getting double bracer on earthshaker for god knows what reason. If you tell people that ES is not a tank, they will tell you to "stfu, hes STR hero bich", and this mentality ruins the game.

    Heres a nice example of an in game guide. It is attached to the Shop, and also comes with an auto skill leveler. Useful for people that are playing unfamiliar heroes.

    All of these experiences have been in high bracket matchmaking.


  • #2
    While I'd have to agree that in game guides would be useful, it's not like they don't exist. There are plenty of sites where people can learn how to play if they were really motivated to look at guides. People that answer "stfu, hes STR hero bich" would probably never look at the guides in the first place.

    On the other side of things, people get those items because they are recommended by the game. Oddly enough, recommendations are kind of like in game guides. In the old dota days people that didn't know how to play used Alt-Tab guides. Here's the one for windrunner: and here's the top rated guide on playdota as of right now:

    Funny thing is the dota community recommends the ring of basilius, so why wouldn't valve do it too. How would you know that the people playing didn't look at these Windrunner guides and decide what to buy? I think you should look into why people decide to buy one before considering it "useless" and you really can't blame people for buying the items that people tell them are good for their hero. They are new, they don't know what to get, and it's a hell of a lot better then them getting random stuff.

    All in all I can say the recommended items is a good attempt at helping people do a little better then they would on their own. People do a lot better then Dota 1 players who were completely lost, and I'm fairly sure many people wouldn't read the guides and just look at suggested items anyway. That's what another chunk of Dota 1 players did. I do believe that since playdota is becoming outdated with some mechanics they should create a new community based place for Dota 2 guides.


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      They buy those items cause they are in the default item suggestion list. (not the armor ring, but ring of basilus and that requires the armor ring).
      So blame the item suggestions for guiding the new players in the wrong direction.


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        This feature would be awesome. I don't much like HoN personally but the in-game guide feature is nothing short of genius for getting people into the game. And with Valve toting about a "new player friendly" motto for Dota 2 an in-game guide feature would fit right in. +1