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Add the utility to kick a player if all the team is ok with it.

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  • Add the utility to kick a player if all the team is ok with it.

    I just have play a game in with one player in my team since minute 12 is not playing, only buy curiers and send them to the enemy.
    Even with that we almost win, but I think this is not fair, so anyone can destroy a game and make 9 people so angry, Dota2 should have something to manage this.
    Then game number is 21711964, so you can see how 3 of my team start to fight and then 1 of them destroy the game.


  • #2
    1. It is called the report function. If 9 players report him in one game, and it happens again in another game, action will be taken.

    2. This is the LORE section, please post in the appropriate section.

    3. Use the search function, there is already a thread on this topic that has over 10 pages.

    4. This will likely get closed

    5. I do not agree with a kick function.


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      Moved to Hero HUD forum.


      • #4
        I would want the kick function, you just won't get a loss if you are kicked. AND you can't kick party members.


        • #5
          dont add kick function , because if players play bad in one game the other 4 players wanna kick him ...


          • #6
            Game ruiners should be reported instead of eliminated by a kick function. Ofc you could add harsh restrictions to the kick function (like: no last hit and under x experience gained since the last 7,5 minutes), but those could be bypassed by the evildoers as well. A general kick function needs to stay out of the game, too many negative effects like people threatening other players to kick them or even just a 4stack kicking for fun. Ofc those things could be reported again, but if it leads to reporting again, why not skip the kick function and use the report function on the game ruiner instead.
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            • #7
              I think my suggestion is reasonable.
              #1 You won't get a loss when you are kicked, so it won't affect the person's stats.
              #2 You can't kick party members, that prevents abuse

              There is no real threat to kick, I mean if you kick a decent player, that person won't get a loss, and the chance is that you will lose. The whole point of kick function is to kick VERY obvious feeders, eg. chick feeding, intentional skill abuse. Kicking them would actually do more good for the team than not kicking.


              • #8
                Yeah, since it works so great in HoN. 1st time playing, I pushed a lane, I got kicked without explanation in the 3rd minute.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Viperus View Post
                  Yeah, since it works so great in HoN. 1st time playing, I pushed a lane, I got kicked without explanation in the 3rd minute.
                  Then find another match. They likely lost.


                  • #10
                    The problem with the kick function in HoN is this:

                    If you're legitimately griefing, the other team won't kick you, since they want the win.
                    If you are doing well and your team doesn't like you, they can call a kick vote to mess with you, and the other team will pass it for the win.

                    In short, the only time the kick function was used in HoN was for griefing.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by jackyan22 View Post
                      #1 You won't get a loss when you are kicked, so it won't affect the person's stats.
                      That sounds a lot like people that are in a game that doesn't seem in their favor will give it up even faster and encourage to be kicked for not getting a loss.


                      • #12
                        If kicking were enabled, I would have been kicked in the 4th minute for "being stupid". I ended that mech with 28-8-21 (Lich, last 3 deaths were 4 fun). The problem in dota is that the majority doesnt necessary have to be right. I was matched with 4 friends idiots who didnt know how to play. They could have kicked me.


                        • #13
                          Guys this is not HoN. Deal with it.
                          The kick function is not really functioning. Random scenario: Classic Retarded Carry (CRC for short) ramboing into the enemy, CRC dies, blames the support that was oom because he had to babysit his hp loss every fucking second. ????. Kick vote for the Support. Passes. Support being kicked.
                          And this is the basic scenario. You could get kicked for smaller reasons.