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[Suggestion]A possible solution to language barriers. PING

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  • [Suggestion]A possible solution to language barriers. PING

    We can currently only ping runes and a message would come up saying 'crimson589: Haste rune here.', and for anyone using a different language version of the game that message will translate to whatever language that is.

    Now let's add more to this, if I ping common ward spots, a message would appear, 'crimson589: Ward this spot'. Another would be attacking an enemy 'crimson589: Attack Weaver', pinging an ally might say 'Careful' or 'Back up a bit'. Ping a tower, 'Defend/Attack this tower'. and so on and so forth.

  • #2
    ward this spot seems really weird to me... but i like the attack this hero idea...


    • #3
      +1 for everything except ward this spot
      I'm Juggernaut, bitch!


      • #4
        no, will not work.
        Maybe I ping on a common ward spot but I want something else then warding. Same applies for pinging on allies.
        And the rest is already displayed through self explaining symbols

        -1 for this. I think matchmaking by language is the better alternative to avoid langauge barriers.


        • #5
          Originally posted by Roggan29 View Post
          no, will not work.
          -1 for this. I think matchmaking by language is the better alternative to avoid langauge barriers.
          don't think it will happen in any on-line project.. it just shortens the amount of people you can play with way too much...

          It is an interesting idea to my mind... although it should not be map-area specific... client should provide keyboard combinations to manage that (request for a ward, gank, missing heroes etc... ) this has the potential to completely go around language barrier, its not like we need hundreds of different messages to be transmitted to team-mates there is only a handful of common shouts that everyone use (or want to use but fail/too lazy/language barrier)...

          P.S. mute button should work both for voice as well as pinging due to some people feel like they need to supplement any action of theirs or an event by a ping


          • #6
            Maybe use similar system to the one Portal 2 uses for communication in coop? Or even something similar to what some FPS players call commorose?

            Basic ping should stay the same. You hold Alt, click your LMB and you get your basic ping. But if you hold the Alt key and then hold the LMB and drag your mouse you get multiple options to choose from.

            If done properly I believe this would speed up the basic communication drastically. Once the players learn the locations of certain messages they would be able give out warning, commands and request in a blink of an eye


            • #7
              LoL did a fantastic job on this part (the only thing that i like about it).
              if u ping with alt it will stay the way it is now.
              if u ping by pressing b instead of alt it will ping defensively and tell something like "player x should go back, care". it even delivers another sound so the pinged player immediately recognizes that he is in danger.
              ofc b is not forced as a button dont be mad for that default setting.