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Needed: A dedicated "focus on curerent selection" hotkey

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  • Needed: A dedicated "focus on curerent selection" hotkey

    Why this would be a good idea to implement:

    Reason 1) First and foremost, the current method of focusing the camera, double tapping "select hero" or "select courier" on the current unit only works for your hero or the courier. This means it is impossible to focus the camera on pets, necronomicon minions, precision-controlled illusions and all other manor of non-hero units a player may find themselves controlling.

    Furthermore, when I say only your hero or the courier, I mean only your hero or the courier. Because the current command is set to double tap select hero or select courier, you lose all other units you have selected. If you want to control your Lycan and his two wolves, double tapping select hero will deselect the wolves, which is not something you want happening.

    Yes, you can make custom group select hotkeys, but not only do you have to take and effort to create these custom groups, but you might not always want to select every unit, which means you'd also have to create custom groups for every combination of the group. Chen is the most obvious case of where this would be an issue.

    Reason 2) Better transition for other MobA players.

    I know that many of you swear vile oaths at those who play HoN and LoL, and any change to make Dota 2 more like either of them is thrown in the fire, but that his a horrible attitude to get Dota 2 to become the biggest MOBA on the market. Millions of people play League of Legends, and hundreds of thousands play HoN, and the market is getting pretty saturated. By this point, most people who want to or ever wanted to play a MOBA play LoL or have played LoL. Naturally, these players are very used to holding down the space bar for most of the match. HoN players are very much the same with the C key. Even though it's a minor inconvenience, adding an extra button press to one of the most essential functions to many players is really jarring. It's like if you had to double tap 'a' before you could deny a creep, you probably would never have made the transition to Dota 2. You'd have immediately gone back to whatever MOBA you played before.

    Yes, pros don't hold down the focus on hero button often, and are often moving the camera manually, but 90% of the community isn't good enough to understand that. Alienating 90% of the playerbase by not providing something because it's not useful to good players very bad for business. Valve wants as many players as possible to get into Dota 2, good and bad.

    Reason 3) There is no downside:

    It's not like double tapping select hero would no-longer work. Anyone who prefers that can keep using that. Furthermore, the code already exists in that 2nd tap of the "select hero" key.

    In conclusion, adding a dedicated hotkey to focus the camera on the currently selected unit without actually changing what units you have selected is not only a desirable function as it helps game functionality, but is also almost necessary will increase the chances of players who move to Dota 2 from another MOBA staying in Dota 2, providing more profit for Valve with no downsides.


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