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Bring back dota 1 buttons

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    Supporting this.


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      Originally posted by ShiruX View Post
      also suggest a mouse with lots of extra thumb buttons

      razer naga is a great choice, my friend plays one handed as well and has it setup for all the spells, hold, attack... etc. with the thumb num pad
      Support as long as it is a toggle option.

      And this. If the price allows it and you are right handed, razer naga would make your gaming much easier and better


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        lol i first missunderstood the onehanded part and was like "who the fuck would voluntarely play with mouse only"
        i think using a gaming mouse is a way better option than clicking the buttons tho. (there are enough cheap ones)


        • #19
          Thanks for the suggestions guys (I'm left-handed though, makes it slightly more complicated), but again off topic ! lol. I do appreciate the supports too.


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            Originally posted by sterls View Post
            never thought i'd ever see a one hand man trying to play a Moba. personally i dont want the buttons on MY screen, and really, clicking to use skills and even general commands is really bad. BUT, since you're handicapped i'd have to say if its toggleable then whatever. What's your steamId if you dont mind me asking, i just dont have the confidence in your reaction times and would like to avoid matchmaking with you at all costs.
            Wow, you're a dick.

            Originally posted by OneHandBandit View Post
            Don't get me wrong, hotkeys are great, but I am a dota player with only 1 hand (believe me or not, I don't really care), so I can't actually use hotkeys in the majority of situations. I don't know if this will be implemented or not, but from dota 1, there were actually 'icons' for things like attack, hold, stop and move. These icons allowed me to deny creeps/towers and made it possible for me to play better against others. These don't appear to be implemented in dota 2 (and I'm unsure if they will be).
            As for the topic of a gaming mouse, I will get one, but consider 4 skills amongst the rest of the hotkeys and there's just not enough buttons.

            So my suggestion: bring back the attack, move, hold and stop icons. Oh and also the little ping icon next to the minimap.

            For those who disagree with me and say they are clunky and not required, perhaps these could be toggleable?

            Appologies if this is in the wrong forum or is this has been suggested or will be implemented later (I understand that this is still beta)
            If they never implement this feature, you could buy a Razor Naga and map the side buttons.
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              Would be a nice toggle-able addition like colorblind mode. +1


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                to the OP: I've heard of other one-handed gamers loving the razer Naga gaming mouse. It's got something like 15 programmable buttons on it. All you would need to do is bind one of the keys to the A button and you wouldn't even need to click on an attack icon.

                Here's a link:


                • #23
                  wow people.. the guy has constantly said he's left handed so the razer naga would be awkward for him.. stop feigning help if you aren't even going to invest an interest in the guys alternatives. it actually makes you look even more heartless than if you had just said nothing about it at all. though a quick google search says that apparently a left handed naga is in the works.

                  that being said.. obviously wouldn't matter to anyone if it was an option (where would the panel go, though?), but isn't this something that you should be taking steps to work around yourself?

                  it would be better for your performance in game to get a left handed programmable mouse with several buttons (theres more options than the naga and you don't even need more than like 3) and less time wasted by valve on a feature that an extremely small percentage would use. the panel in question was only there in dota because it was part of the warcraft 3 interface.
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                  • #24
                    I thought there already was a left handed razer naga. Sorry for being "heartless" and feigning help...



                    • #25
                      Originally posted by vladhood View Post
                      it would be better for your performance in game to get a left handed programmable mouse with several buttons (theres more options than the naga and you don't even need more than like 3) and less time wasted by valve on a feature that an extremely small percentage would use. the panel in question was only there in dota because it was part of the warcraft 3 interface.
                      I have thought about this, and if that left-handed naga is in the works like you say, that would be great. Having said that, I wouldn't mind having this feature implemented even with the naga . Remember this is only a suggestion, so I value all opinions on the matter.


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                        Also, supporting for toggle option.


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                          The Razer Nostromo as suggested by Hauksbok isn't bad either.
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                            Bandit, If I may suggest something which will make your life a bit easier, if you happen to have the spare cash, purchase a Razer Naga mouse.
                            It has 12 buttons on its left side that you can press with your thumbs, and you can configure them as hotkeys for pretty much everything.

                            Edit: oh, im sorry, i didn't read the thread first...
                            Well, there's still the nostromo anyways.


                            • #29
                              Thanks, but remember, I'm looking for support for this suggestion.


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