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allow player to distinguish individual meepos

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  • allow player to distinguish individual meepos

    I haven't seen meepo in game yet but watching the Dota Cinema trailer, it seems that all the meepo clones look alike. I feel that during the team fight it could be easier for the player to control and move a specific meepo out of the way if all the meepos were individually distingusihable. Right now, if meepos are assigned keys 1-5 and one of the meepos has low health, you would have to look to see which meepo is under what control group and run that specific meepo away afterwards. If you wanted to use a specific meepo to do a task, it might take a second to seewhich hotkey you've assigned that meepo to (if all of them have similar health or something). If meepos 1-5 all had a different color article of clothing or a different visible indicator, you'd be like for example "oh, blue meepo is low. i always assign blue meepo to key 4. I should move my number 4 meepo out of the way" or "oh, green meepo, key 2, is closest to this enemy while yellow meepo, key 5, is right behind him." Simply put, it would make micro-ing specific meepos easier for the player and if allies could also distinguish the meepos apart it could help in team communication.

    Again, i'm not sure if anything is already in place to help players quickly react or how marginally benefitial it would be to distinguish the meepos, but I feel that it wouldn't hurt implement such a feature.

    Edit: Opposing team shouldn't be able to distinguish the meepo clones apart.
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    I think Valve just implemented how he was played in wc3 dota which was indistinguishable for both players and enemies. If your idea was to be put in and visible for enemies too, it would be too easy to single out the real meepo or call to their teammates which meepo to aim.


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      no, it should just be for the player him/herself or the team. like a little icon, a change in color, some small form of identification. idk.
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        There is no real meepo. All they are meepo, if 1 dies you die.


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          Originally posted by Zaz View Post
          There is no real meepo. All they are meepo, if 1 dies you die.


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            A floating number above the head would be nice though so you know. Its already in the game's code. also, you need to be able to disable it. Or a 5 sided star on each with one side missing for each lesser meepo, ie first meepo has full star, second meepo has star with 1 arm missing, third has star with 2 arms missing etc. or a block with 4 dots and one missing for each and none on agas meepo.
            meepo should be able to get 5 different weapons (ie clothing types)

            also in dota 1 it was pretty clear which meepo was carrying all the items, he usually had a big KILL THE OTHER ONE aura effect around him labeling him as the tankiest of tanks.
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              I don't see the point in this. You just assign the hotkeys to them in the same order their icons are in the top left of the screen, for example 1-5. When you see the third Meepo dropping low, you press 3 and get him out.