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Screen Real Estate

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  • Screen Real Estate


    1.Smaller/hide-able icons for meepo and lone druid

    2.Vertical stash for 16:9 screens

    3.Ability to disable Killstreak and First blood text Announcements.

    4.Smaller Invokelist

    I'm on a 4:3 screen and the multiple units buttons on sylla and soon to be on meepo are much too big, in team fights they cover up enemies and basically hamstring you in certain situations for instance fights near the ancients near radiant mid and while Roshing if anyone is up the hill next to you.

    Is there any way that their size could be reduced, or even a way to disable them? Most people know that you press tab to switch because I find these buttons to be ceaselessly irritating. Even making them square instead of rectangular would help, but honestly I think they need to be removable or hide-able.

    Also the stash button if it were vertical it would take up less room on widescreens, for a 4:3 its fine but it would make more sense for those those have 16:9 screens to be able to have it vertical, there is nothing worse than colliding with your hud when playing when you were trying to click on your map. Would it be possible to have a vertical/horizontal toggle on it?

    Also we should be able to disable the multi-kill and first blood text added because lets face it, it looks rubbish. If this was an FPS I'd understand but if you're not adding a disable button for this I'm finding which file you keep the text in and i'm nulling it personally. It's obnoxious. If it were nicely animated and unobtrusive then maybe, but the way it is now I'm finding a way to cut it out, manually or otherwise. You already have someone bellowing into my ear that someone got a multikill, and now you're shoving it in my eyeballs too? No thanks. I'm trying to play a game not read a story about how the game is going.

    And lo so it was that upon the thirteen minute of the fourth day at the radiant middle tower, i was to be witness to feeder nevermore displaying his spectacular ATM-erry, forsooth Naga didst pwn him into oblivion yielding a tumultuous bellow from a non-corporeal voice that twas naga's 15th kill in a row without the visitations of the reapers wrath upon her.

    You might as well make it type that on the screen or have a guy from cs:go flashbang the enemy team when someone gets a big kill.
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    Also the possibility for a simplfied/compact invokelist should also be present, click 1x you get regular invokelist, click a second time and you get one like this:

    __{QUAS BUTTON}____________{WEX BUTTON}_________{EXORT BUTTON}
    {EQQ}{QQQ}{QQW}_____{QWW}_{WWW}_{WWE}___{WEE}_{EEE }_{EEQ}
    _______________________________{QWE}______________ ______________
    IE the icon of each spell in between the {} these locations so that you can figure it out in a second instead of having to read a big chunky block of text.

    This seems a bit convoluted though so would it be possible to just make the invoke-list half its height twice as wide and textless.

    so basically just, invoke-list with no text, nicely spaced letters next to their spell icon in 3 rows of 3 with concussive blast or whatever it is called right smack in the middle.
    * QWE {ICON}*

    Making the Invokelist about the size of 3 of it's current lines. or not taking up any screen space if the top suggestion is used
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