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[Suggestion] Show visually on hero icons if someone disconnected or left the game!

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  • [Suggestion] Show visually on hero icons if someone disconnected or left the game!

    You all players may have noticed when the text appears to the left that someone has disconnected and has to reconnect within 5 minutes, or if someone abandoned the game. But sometimes after this notification you may be unsure of the situation and needs to check if the player is either disconnected or has reconnected. In order to do this, you need to click on "the hero panel" to the upper left side of the screen (or use hotkey) and check if they are disconnected or not.

    This might not sound much of a problem but it could be done much easier and comfortable to instead simple give a look at the upper hero icons of the screen without needing to be clicking anywhere. If someone disconnects, there should be like a thunder mark (which is common to symbolize disconnects) on the hero icon or something similiar, and if somebody abandoned the game there could be a cross meaning: "he is no longer a part of the game". In result, you can give a quick and simple look at the hero icons in the upper part of the screen so check if someone is disconnected or have left the game completely without any unnecessary clicks

    Furthermore, when someone disconnects there could be a countdown timer beneath the hero icon with a different colour than the respawn timer, this shows when the players needs to return back into the game and also gives a greater vision about exactly when the player(s) needs to return.

    In conclusion of the suggestion, there could be a symbol on the hero icon (which is on the upper part of the screen) showing if the hero/player either is disconnected or has left the game completely (abandoned). This makes it easier and less bothering than checking the hero panel which requires clicking actions. In addion, there could be a countdown timer similar as the respawn timer but with a different colour that shows when the player exactly needs to return back to the battleground!

    Here is an example how it "could" look like:
    Simple example.jpg

    What do you think guys?

    Edit: Added a picture to clear up your minds how it could look like, cheers!
    Edit2: Corrected some sentences!
    Last edited by Porre; 05-07-2012, 04:38 PM.

  • #2
    Sounds good to me, T-Up


    • #3
      +1 support. happens often that you have to check the scoreboard to see if someone has reconnected or not.


      • #4
        Had this problem today actually when playing my first games, so I did not know if a player was dc'ed. One simple symbol could easily fix this.


        • #5
          Yes please. Good suggestion!


          • #6
            Just came on here to post this. This really ought to be done - it would be really helpful!


            • #7
              Would be very helpful in my opinion. Played my first few games and I couldn't tell if people left, abandoned or were just afk.


              • #8
                Great suggestion, I was thinking about this last night


                • #9
                  Add this!


                  • #10
                    +1 agree! sometimes some1 from my team leave and I don`t even see that till I go in the base


                    • #11
                      Or just grey em out but yes. A no brainer.


                      • #12
                        +1. sometimes i dun even knw when they left


                        • #13
                          bump, in order to let more players see the suggestion.


                          • #14
                            +1 support


                            • #15
                              t-up, good idea