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Top Hero Info Pannel Needs a Complete Overhaul

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  • Top Hero Info Pannel Needs a Complete Overhaul

    Reason 1: Most players have a wide Screen format. Even the "old" monitors are more wide than tall (4:3). Yet DotA 2 takes from vertical screen estate instead of horrizontal (Like HoN of LoL).

    Reason 2: Half of this pannel is filled with huge icons of ENEMY heroes that bring almost NOTHING to the game. The only time they are usefull is for the Death time counters (and for this they could stay autohidden and slide down only when hero is dead like in HoN).

    Reason 3: Right now it looks nice and symetrical but if you want to add additional info (and you always want more info for allies only) it will break this symetry, and will look awkward.

    Additionally, there is lately a greater incidence in the number of threads requesting additional information to be displayed in the Hero Pannel (Health and mana bars for allies, hero levels for allies, skills for allies). This information even if "vital" cannot be added to the pannel without cutting even more into the already scarce vertical space.

    Proposal: Ditch the Bars from the top already and make new ones on the left like the other games(HoN, LoL) have (and for good reasons). Bring sliding icons on top for DEAD! heroes only!

    This will permit adding information like Ally HP and MP bars. Ally Skill icons with skill level indicator and cooldown timers. Ally hero levels.

    Something like this (I am talking only about left hero pannels, rest of the UI is not relevant here):

    More screenshots:
    HoN Without Mods
    HoN with Mods <- For dota 2 use wide icons with hero level integrated in it.
    HoN With Mods Alternate <- You can see the sliding death icons on top here.