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some of my issues with the UI.

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  • some of my issues with the UI.


    *The experience bar is confusing me.

    Not only I can be having this problem. When i look for my MP/HP i naturally look down under the portrait. The reason i do this is because thats how it was in WC3. So what happens? Yea, i see this yellow bar and I react like this: "Ehum, ?? Whats that?? Oh yeah, thats the experience bar... Now where is that HP/MP". Then of course i find it on the middle of my UI, but still after 20-30 games i haven't gotten used to this and I'm still wasting time to find it. This habit (looking for hp/mp under portrait) is deeply rooted in my time with WC3 and imho this is something you need to have in mind when designing the HUD. Placing a bar there that shows different stats will confuse... or?

    Am i the only one who does this and have a problem with it? Maybe, maybe not. Is it a big problem? Imho no, but its annoying. For sure it confuses us who are used to the WC3 interface.

    When hovering over a hero the font is to small and to unclear

    When i played DotA i never had a problem to distinguish the levels of my enemies. You always knew. The problem here is that when you hover your mouse above their heroes - the font there is to small. So basically my brain interprets this as "no need to know information". Sure, you could argue that its just to press that tab key to get the statistics... but in my opinion thats the same thing as typing "-ma" - you only do that in the rare cases when you were clueless about there levels. Never the less, that font needs to be better and more easily distinguished to show their actual level clearer.

    Disconnect hides hero level

    This one is really annoying... When a hero has disconnected you have no idea what level that hero is because in the TAB it states "disconnected" instead of the level. And with the above mentioned font issue this is annoying. Maybe type disconnected with nice red flashy font next to hero level on the TAB thingy?

    Unshare chicken

    Can it be done? People grief kill courier. Or maybe you don't wanna share that guy who brings in an ironwood branch to side lane hero while mid is trying to get his bottle asap? Needed.

    Skill level up need to be smoother

    For some reason it it isn't as clear as in DotA when you want to skill stuff. You can accidentally cast a spell etc when trying to level it. Fix.
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    From supporting mute, to hating mute and now I support it again. Why? Well... Valve took my flaming tool away from me but now they have given me the ultimate trolling tool instead. Definteley a fair trade off if you ask me. Oh ~~ it affects MM? It's worthless anyways.