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[Suggestion] Ability Ordering and Assignment Customization

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  • Invoqwer
    +1 I agree, this would help for quite a few heroes. There are many heroes which I would rather have keys swapped i.e. KotL spirit form blind (f) recall (d); I'd rather have blind on D and recall on F but when I tried to do that myself, I was visually screwed up by the keys' positioning.

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  • [Suggestion] Ability Ordering and Assignment Customization

    I'll preface this post with the statement that the lack of this feature is in no way gamebreaking, but it would be a nice little plus for players out there like myself.


    Allow players to choose the order in which their hero skills appear on the UI bar with a customization option in the character loadout screen, and even further let players designate which skill is ability 1, 2, and so on for better hotkey mapping.

    Example: Sven: I would first change WarCry from ability 3 to 2, make Great Cleave ability 3, and then array them visually on my bar as follows: Ultimate, Great Cleave, WarCry, and Storm Hammer.


    Currently all heroes have skills arrayed in a somewhat logical and linear fashion, progressing from left to right: 1, 2, 3, (4), (5), Ultimate. While this makes sense from a mental standpoint, it does not when taking certain custom mapping considerations into effect, which are as follows.

    I am a Dvorak user (I will however use QWERTY equivalents of my finger positions in this post to allay confusion) and one of the reasons that people like myself have switched is due to fatigue, stress, and comfort usage of the layout. The philosophy behind it is that strong fingers should be on common keys, reaching up is easier than reaching down, and common patterns (th, ch, etc.) are assigned different fingers.

    In Dota, Abilities 1 and 2 are generally used more than 3 or the Ult (generally). To this end, and in keeping with the philosophy above, I have reversed my ability order from left to right and put them on the home row (1 - F, 2 - D, 3 - S, Ult - A, 4 - W, 5 - Q) so that my strong fingers are those performing the most actions. I have enjoyed very little wrist strain while playing this game, as a result.

    The only complication in this setup is when checking cooldowns...all my abilities are exactly bass-ackwards from the fingers they are assigned to (sometimes resulting in misclicks for Heroes I am not used to playing).

    Therefore, while very minor, I think this customization could let players map a hero how they think it should be mapped, for not only comfort but visual information and consistently use set keys for actives vs. passives (if they want passives out of the way, or the ult to the left, etc.).