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Change Chat wheel to keyboard-based Chat menu.

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  • Change Chat wheel to keyboard-based Chat menu.

    Seriously, the mouse is probably the most important device for this game. Having to navigate the chatwheel and losing control over your screen for the duration just does not feel right, the spacing between the choices is unforgiving, and it takes up space smack in the middle of the screen. It feels clunky. I was hoping DOTA's communication system would be keyboard-based with a non-intrusive menu in the corner of the screen. This looks good, but unfortunately, I prefer function over form.

  • #2
    What keys would you recommend as an alternative? The directional keys? I am unsure how important their function is in controlling the camera though.

    Also as a side-note, do they Chat Wheel messages translate automatically to foreign languages if playing with people from non-English speaking backgrounds?


    • #3
      It could be just like in Team Fortress 2 - hotkey for list with messages and then 1-9 to select message.


      • #4
        Current chat wheel is a good concept, but needs to have more options, and preferably some customization. The current chat wheel implementation is highly restrictive on the amount of allowed content, but moving it to the keyboard would address this.


        • #5
          You could look at the old Battlefield games. Simply have whatever keys you want bound to the messages, a one click solution.


          • #6
            Chat wheel is fine. You can spend half an hour writing config file and come up with elaborate canned message system yourself.


            • #7
              Originally posted by Two Treads View Post
              Chat wheel is fine. You can spend half an hour writing config file and come up with elaborate canned message system yourself.
              Not one that would translate into russian or w/e language your teammates clients is running.
              But I agree the chatwheel is okay, maybe Valve could put alot of additional phrases in settings, and you would be able to choose the once you would use.

              Its great you can call a fast "Miss" but if the enemy shows up again, you have to Enter Chat to call the "re".

              And "Careful" is not really needed... usually you would ping the enemies on the map to call a "Careful".
     - Easiest way to learn, memorize and print it into your backbone!
              Now your able to remember and invoke extremely fast! Time to focus on your gameplay and execution!

              Scoreboards have been added to, so now your able to compare your performance with others!


              • #8
                Guys, look in the settings. It's already keybindable...
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