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Suggestion about Chat Wheel

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  • Suggestion about Chat Wheel

    I like the chat wheel, I feel it could be of great use in pubs to quickly relay messages to the team.

    The problem I have is with how its implemented. Right now hitting Y brings up the chat wheel, which is fine. You then move your mouse to highlight the desired message, and let go to have it sent. The problem with this method is that because of the lack of a visible cursor when choosing messages, I tend to sometimes overshoot. This means I have to be a bit slow and cautious while using the chat wheel; I can't bring it up and instantly get across the message I want.

    My suggestion is that the mouse cursor should remain visible once the chatwheel is brought up, and all a player needs to do is click the desired message. I believe this will feel much better and snappier.

  • #2
    Could work.


    • #3
      It would be even better if you could bind the chat wheel to the mouse wheel, even allowing going forth and back with the mouse wheel.


      • #4
        this please, the whole letting go of Y button and the fact that cursor is gone is highly irritating, it also means you cant move while the wheel is up which is bad, aswell that you cant cancel the wheel completely without carefully placing it in the middle.


        • #5
          Absolutely! You should be able to move and/or cancel the chat wheel on the fly when you suddenly come under attack.Trying to move away then accidentally click "Well Played" because of no transparency will become annoying after awhile.What it should have is what engineers call 'a dead man`s switch' but not in the sense with the Y-toggle button.The function immediately cancels when the operator doesn`t keep his finger on the trigger.

          Example holding in space (I know its used for something else) brings up chat wheel while at the same time keeping your left hand close and accessible to the important quick-keys.And then you continue to select the option via mouse cursor or wheel.
          But as soon as an enemy enters your sight you don`t want fiddle with chat commands ,simply release space to cancel chat wheel.

          Just one example.


          • #6
            And as for selecting more than one chat command without re-opening the chat wheel...

            Another mechanic could be a timer on the chat wheel that makes it automatically disappear after a certain amount of seconds when not used.

            Other commands that could be added Rune Bot , Rune top , Roshan ? Well played doesn`t seem very tactical like the other options and could simply be typed in?


            • #7
              Also by default when opening and closing the chat wheel it could ping on the map.