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[Suggestion] Less console controller chat wheel

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  • [Suggestion] Less console controller chat wheel

    Hey there,

    when i started play today i was rly into new chat wheel. Well i don't know if it's only me but i'm pretty disappointed. Instead of tool witch suppose 2 bring ease into game i got tool witch made me rly angry. Main problem i find in this new tool is that it is console controller like. So we have game witch have main IO accessories mouse and keyboard and we (by witch i mean me ) are forced 2 use console interface. OK let's forget about philosophical cr*p and get into main point.

    - I find rly hard 2 aim into exact command in chat wheel

    Is there possibility that u can change interface of chat wheel for mouse and keyboard?

    I'll point exact principle that i find easy 2 use. In attached picture i divided screen into eight areas. Each area have same functionality as it would have in "awesome console wheel of awesomeness". If there was held button for new "absolutely nerdy PC guy UI" there would be revealed this 8 areas (actually it's 9). After that user will have 9 areas shown he will be able move his VISIBLE!!! (pardon me 4 caps and 3 exclamation marks) cursor. After releasing the button there will be action performed, depending on witch area was the cursor (middle is cancel).

    I hope that i express myself clear enough.
    In case of *any questions steam ID:76561197990937868
    dota fail.png
    // sry 4 being newbie 2 forum feel free 2 correct me if i'm wrong
    Last edited by Raduss; 11-16-2012, 06:40 PM.

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    i dont think it is a console like command considering some of the older game like battlefield 2 uses it for their commo-rose and i also think it's a really handy tool that can be improved a little bit more to be used more effectively