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[Suggestion] Utilize Visage's Familiars HUD

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  • [Suggestion] Utilize Visage's Familiars HUD

    Over the course of his development, Visage has recieved various visual aids for the player to maximize the potential of his skills. From stone scales forming/breaking when Visage gains/loses a Gravekeeper's Cloak charge, or his Soul Assumption charge counter above his life bar.

    One thing that I noticed recently is that Visage's Familiars don't fully utilize the HUD to convey important info to the player, namely their damage buff counter. Here is an example:

    Visage is attempting to kill Lion. Both his familiars are in good position to advance into a Stone Form. However, one of those familiars recently attacked the creepwave and is missing a few damage counters. Assuming Visage wants to open up the fight with a Stone Form, in order for him to maximize his damage output, he should use the Stone form of the Familiar with the missing damage charges. The problem is he has no idea at first glance which is the familiar with the missing charges. He tabs around his units to find out.

    Familiar 1 has his full damage charges, no problem there. But an issue arises, Visage's attention is now drawn towards the bottom left part of the screen (blue area), away from his target (red area). Since the text in both the buff icon and the +damage counter are relatively small, it wouldn't be a surprise if Visage missed crucial wind-up animations, turns, etc. of his target enemy.

    Now Visage knows which Familiar he should use to open up with Stone Form, but in the time he checked this information. He already lost precious seconds. Also notice how Familiars have no mana to speak of, yet the HP bar UI shows them having mana(green area). This part of the UI is wasted and could be revamped to provide Visage with info about his familiars.

    The modification utilizes the unused mana bar to show the 7 damage buff counters of the familiars. With this modification, Visage now knows -without having to browse his unit's buff icons and stat info- which familiar is most suited to dish out DPS while the other stuns. He will also be able to quickly tell his familiar's potential DPS with just a glance over their HP bars.
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    Edit done.
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      Nice suggestion sir, well thought out and well-presented. To you I tip my hat.


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        Great idea!! Please implement it Valve!!!


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          You sir, are a genius.


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            Great idea.


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              Nice suggestion +1


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                  Anything to make Visage a better hero without outright buffing the hero is +1.
                  Here's my dotabuff profile in case anyone's interested:


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                    Man its awesome idea, love it!



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                      My suggestions:
                      Make the Swap Box smaller
                      Dota 2 Missing Call Hero Preview (Better for new players)


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                        +1 Great idea!
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                          Excellent suggestion. Very well described, the pictures included, fantastic work. : )
                          +4 or +5 even.


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                            pros say no, makes the hero to ez...

                            ~Never forget~