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Defensive heroes: interface and new item suggestions

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  • Defensive heroes: interface and new item suggestions

    Hi all, after few games with Omninight (and someother with other heroes) there are my 2 cents (hope this item forum it's correct one):


    Near the portait i would like to have a button to enable/disable auto-attack. This would be a great improvment and will not require a lot of space on the interface, just a little square with an "A" inside, right or bottom or even inside the portait of the hero.
    This would be important to help player to chose between defensive and offensive heroes skipping external settings!

    While using Omninight I realized that target ally heroes it's much more difficoult than enemy one.
    Simple: when you target an enemy, you know what and when you want to action and inform your ally while when you have to heal or buff an ally, often you have to REACT to something you don't know.
    So basically a player needs more time to defend than attack a target so missclicking and fails are much more common in defenisve phase, making defensive heros less taking to use.
    Since I don't see many people have feeling with defensive heroes or defenisve skills, a solution can be to make ally portaits on top clickable as target for spell. Of course this chance have to not be implemented for offensive spell/enemy heroes.

    Would be nice to add some items to improve aura's range of the hero.
    Basic idea behind those items it's that can be nice to focus on something diffferent between hero itself, like the line of the creep or the support to other heros.
    About Fishnet: just an item that can be a little expensive if you can't earn more money to get your super-item or just you want to support your team with a defensive hero.

    Created by Blades of Attack + Sentry Ward + Pattern
    Increase range of your auras that affects ENEMY by 25%
    +10 Damage
    Active:extends the aura by 100% radius while you channeling*. Cooldown: 5sec
    (*so hero can't move nor attack)

    created by Rod of Amplification + Helm of Iron Will + Pattern
    Extends any of your auras by 50% of their own radius.
    +10 damage
    +10 armor
    +3 hp regen
    Active: extends the auras by 100% for 10sec. Cooldown: 120sec

    Throws a fishnet to enemy hero, impairing his movement for 2.5 sec.
    Any hero will be immune to second fishnet for 60sec.
    Costs: around 750.

    Thank you for your time!

  • #2
    I really like that auto attack suggestion. Makes it super easy to tell new players to turn it off rather than making them go into their settings.

    Those item suggestions need to be suggested on playdota. THis isn't the appropriate forum.


    • #3
      I agree with the auto attack and defensive spells suggestions. Would make a lot of easier to new players (and veterans too) to better control the heroes.

      But the items, you have to suggest on PlayDota and wait for a response there.