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Announcer UI suggestion

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  • Announcer UI suggestion

    Hi, I have 2 complaints and some solutions regarding the Announcer part of the Dota 2 UI.

    My first complaint is that, quite simply, it's not apparent enough.

    I think when an announcer is available to everyone, that part of the UI needs to flash, glow, change color SOMETHING, that lets people know that there's an announcer needing selecting.

    Also something I noticed, is that you can select announcers but you can't select someone else's Mega kills.

    I think there's 2 things that could be done to maintain consistency

    1) Make it so you can select someone else's Mega kill announcers as well as regular announcers.


    2) Make Mega kills 'mandatory' but exclusive. What this means: let's say Drow Ranger has a Juggernaut megakills attached and Sniper has Dr.Kleiner mega skills equipped. The other 8 have no mega kills equipped. When Drow gets the double triple megakills, EVERYONE hears Juggernaut talking about the mega kills. if Sniper gets mega kills, everyone hears Dr Kleiner's voice. If anyone else gets a mega kill the default announcer will announce it. I believe Heroes of Newerth's announcers are very similar to this.
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    No to both of them. First will never happen, you are supposed to buy your own announcer if you want to hear a custom one, there is a reason for why they are being sold, Valve wants money. The actual announcer selection is just for a friend or someone close to you that knows you own it.

    And some people don't like some of the announcers. I myself hate the Juggernaut one, it just sucks. Some people also thinks that Bastion announcer is annoying, but I love it and bought it. So no, if I haven't bought any announcer, I wouldn't want to hear a Juggernaut one.

    "I come for souls."


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      I doubt it's "never". But having it out in the open just advertises the announcer and might compel people to use it and even buy it eventually if they like it enough. Part of the novelty of the announcers are that you can share it and have people listen in. If that wasn't the case then what's the difference of people just modifying audio files to play it anyway (They made this more difficult to do in an earlier patch)

      Yeah. That's definetely the weak argument I can understand coming from #2 of my Megakills complaint. If you don't like an an announcer you can just turn it off but that might become a sticky situation if you don't let people turn off other people's mega kills like HoN does.

      From my perspective announcers are a novelty that you want to show off and share. Earlier in the beta when it was announced that Dota would be f2p with cosmetics, there was demand for a "turn off cosmetics feature" to prevent it from getting too overwhelming. The counter argument to that was obviously that people buy cosmetics to show off and there wouldn't be a demand for it if you could just "turn off cosmetics". That's my mentality regarding announcers and mega kills, except unlike equipment cosmetics announcers and mega kills can easily become annoying and overwhelming.


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        Told you Caio :-)

        Thanks for fixing this issue, Valve


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          thanks for needlessly bumping your thread. now i get to join the party.