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UI Customizations in response to Meepo-control

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  • UI Customizations in response to Meepo-control

    So, most of us have played Meepo on the odd occasion and have come to the quick conclusion that either he's absolutely for us or an absolute Repick hero. For this reason, I can negotiate that many people out there don't actually care all that much for practical inclusions to the interface to grant those looking to play Meepo much easier control.

    Now, before I begin my suggestion, I'm going to briefly describe my current methodology for microing/macroing this critter:
    1) I use a ideosyncratic Group system where I place all Meepos on the numeral '2' whilst placing - in order - every individual Meepo on '3', '4', '5', and '6' (courier is, by habit, on '1').
    2) In later levels - particularly post Sceptor - microing using this many buttons is very impractical with the current UI***, so I use:
    --Primary Meepo on '3'
    --All Meepos on '2'
    This allows one to activate item abilities from the primary Meepo.
    3) I use the selection thumbnail-UI (bottom of the screen) for when ganking with Blink and want to cast Poof on the Primary Meepo before Blinking. (Bit clumbsy, but no real bug feedback there).
    4) The thumbnails running down the left of the screen are what I use during long fights for teleporting to and from base. The idea here is to keep 1 Meepo back at base for as long as possible. This allows the Meepo-player to quickly heal any damaged/low-mana Meepo by Poof'ing back to base and replacing the In-Need-Of-Maintanence Meepo with the serviced Meepo back at base. The issue here is tracking which one of the Meepos is the one(s) that's back at base and ones on the field.***

    -Meepo Icons - If you look here, you can clearly see that~.. er, that you can't clearly see, at all, which Meepo you have selected and not. I got a second opinion from someone over my shoulder and they hastely agreed (that I'm not just blind); I can't tell what's selected and what isn't.

    So, I've got two suggestions going here. The first and more obvious is for the dulled or/and brightened effect over the Thumbnails - decending down the left side of the screen - to be amplified a little for discursion.
    The second suggestion is for the Groups allocated to different player units to always be displayed above the units in question.

    Either way, the prime investment of energy for Meepo players should be micro and strategy, not really figuring ingenius measures for macroing. This is In My Opinion, so, feel free to disagree (inb4 first-post "I disagree.").

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    might be nice to show a meepo's portait on the left as sparkling if he's currently in the fountain



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      I think it would really help if Meepos were simply numbered, e.g. the way that Shadow Poison stacks are shown. This would allow you to see which Meepo is which clearly. The portraits could also have the number. I agree about making the selected portrait easier to see, too, though.