Hey, I didn't see a readme thread, so I hope I'm posting this in the right section. First post here.

I'm a very new player, and personally I had some issues when I first played Wisp telling the icons apart. Tether is pretty clear, but the other three icons seem a little too subtle to me. Especially I kept mixing up Spirits and Overcharge. I don't know if I'm alone in (certainly among you more advanced players I am), but this got me mixed up and sometimes I didn't even realize I was overcharged.

I think one of the bigger things that confused me is that in the icon for Overcharge, it shows a central glowing sphere surrounded by five very distinct smaller spheres, which is more or less what Spirits creates. The Spirits icon, on the other hand, appears to just be a circle. None of the individual spirits are really distinct enough for me to tell them apart. Both icons feature action lines/lens flares radiating from the center.

Anyway, sorry if this topic exists or is posted in the wrong section. If there are board guidelines and rules I need to know about, let me know. Cheers