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What may cause me to just not buy the game

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  • #16
    Zoomlevel is ok though i wish both dota2 and hon allowed a bit more zoomout =]


    • #17
      While I can understand some people wanting a minimal HUD option, I absolutely disagree with the zoom level 100%.


      • #18
        Can people not comment on zoom unless they're posting their resolutions?

        It's awful at 1920 x 1200 (16:10).


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          Yeah, the zoom is fine. I hadn't played Dota in a while, and it took a few games before I got accustomed to it again, but it's fine. The problem with the HUD isn't that it's too big, there's just a lot of wasted space there because a lot of it isn't used (grey space), so it feels like it's taking away from your visual. This is ALWAYS a complaint whenever a new game of this genre is made though. People always want to zoom out more. But the great thing about the zoom being so close in for Dota 2 is that it also adds an element of required map awareness. Watching your mini map becomes doubly important because it can tell you things that you might not necessarily be able to see otherwise.

          You should be able to get used to it over time and adjust properly. And I do enjoy the added element it brings to the game.
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          • #20
            There's little to no difference between DotA 1 view area and the view area in DotA 2.


            • #21
              Originally posted by sterls View Post
              please no, do NOT change the zoom, the entire game is balanced around the current field of view, having a larger area to see changes the entire metagame.
              While I *understand* objections like these, they don't make sense. The metagame changes with every patch and the introduction of every hero. Having it change with tech upgrades isn't the end of the world. Dota does not and has never had a stable metagame for more than one patch at a time. It's not like rebalancing has never happened before or can never happen again.

              The argument that projectile speed is balanced and affected by zoom/vision radius is weak too. It's easily written off by simply referencing Microsoft Excel (more like OpenOffice, though, please). Projectile speed is a spreadsheet entry. If players can see more area, but the "point" of a projectile spell is to be surprising (Hook, Mirana arrow), then increase its speed. And if that's not appropriate, find a new balance. Maybe a faster Hook has a smaller grab radius. Maybe that's not right either. Whatever.

              As soon as the game reaches parity with Dota 1 in terms of champions, more are going to be added. The game is going to change, so accommodations for tech advances and player comfort aren't unreasonable expectations or requests. At 1920x1080, the HUD is stifling. I think the game needs to zoom out more too. It's incredibly claustrophobic right now.
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                Not only is the Hug extremely ugly. It is sooooooo gargantuan that Ray Charles could see it MY GOD, who made this thing...... IT could easily easliy be cut down by 40%..
                Originally posted by Shibubu
                Sure, it looks a bit silly, but this helmet makes more sense than ~50% of Furions cosmetics that are already in the game. And its not like he's wielding a wooden penis (one can easily make a penis shaped staff out of wooden branch and there are no arguments why it could not be done). The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used. Also it is used for it's quality to withstand blows.
                Wow, amazing insight.


                • #23
                  Dota is a very unfriendly place imho. Newbies are subject to cruel harassment. There are many well skilled players that like to play with less ones to get easy win and emotional satisfaction. Often there are lots of various hackers (map, gold hacks, auto creep killing and auto evading from hook or arrow hacks). Also i think that contrast of the game is too small. It looks very gloomy (but i don't like LoL graphic too - its other extremeness)
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                  • #24
                    Please make it more zoomed out, I made a test today, ran Dota on my laptop and Dota 2 on my friends laptop, you have no idea what the diference is... No wonder I suck as hell in Dota2, while playing pretty decent in Dota. Too claustrophobic, can't see stuff, can't move around freely, its just.. ergh..

                    This is the reason I'm not going to buy the game. Dota is my favorite game of all, I've been playing for literally years, more than 5 that is, and now when Dota2 comes out and I managed to get into the Beta, the claustrophobic feeling and the difference (huge difference) between Dota and Dota2 made me really sad. I hope it'll get fixed and matched with Dota 1 as much as possible, but for now - it cripples us vets. And I said US, cuz it's the same thing for me and all my friends who managed to get into the Beta, thats 17 people.


                    • #25
                      PLEASE zoom the camera out for 16:10 resolutions. Dota purists are going to buy the game no matter what but some of us really can't get into the game because we can't see what's going on! I know you 1024x768'ers think it's fine but some of us have monitors made within the past ten years.


                      • #26
                        lol, it's intended to be this way.
                        You got to be kidding me, really
                        e: I myself have a 16:9 no problem here, my friend has a 16:10 and he sees everything just as fine as i do.
                        You're just not used to it, what makes dota harder than LoL for example is, that you have to pay more attention on the minimap, you''ve to constantly move around with your camera, that's what hero bound is for so that you can get back to your hero within a mere second.

                        I'm not supporting this, we see more than enough on 1 screen.
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                        • #27
                          I agree with many posters, do *not* change the zoom level, but instead allow an option to scale the HUD back. Playing on my TV the HUD looks way too massive.

                          Maybe the OP and many other players are used to League of Legends being zoomed out farther than any other MOBA?


                          • #28
                            Originally posted by CaptKillsteal View Post
                            I agree with many posters, do *not* change the zoom level, but instead allow an option to scale the HUD back. Playing on my TV the HUD looks way too massive.

                            Maybe the OP and many other players are used to League of Legends being zoomed out farther than any other MOBA?
                            No, it's a 16:10 issue. I've been playing DotA for 8 years and the difference is noticeable.